McGraw is a solitary type who manages to get entangled in the stopping of criminal activity despite not having any official capacity. He often doesn't carry a weapon, especially if an attractive woman is involved. This short-lived television series starred Frank Lovejoy as McGraw, who really wasn't a private detective, but then again, maybe he was. Lovejoy described McGraw as follows: "He's not a superman. He's just a guy who tries to do the best he can, and is interested in saving his own neck quite frequently." This rare collection includes 10 half-hour episodes on 2 DVDs and includes the two pilot episodes. The first pilot episode, which was broadcast as a segment of CBS's Four Star Playhouse on February 25, 1954, involves a woman who hires McGraw to protect her from her threatening husband. It features Audrey Totter, Paul Picerni, Ellen Corby, and Peter Whitney. The second pilot episode entitled "The Long Count", which was shown as a segment of CBS's Stage 7 series on March 27, 1955, features Ted de Corsia, Richard Deacon, and Biff Elliot. The plot involves a boxing promoter who hires McGraw to watch his prize boxer. the quality of these episodes varies depending on the source assets, but they are mostly 8-9.



Singer Four Star Playhouse "Meet McGraw" (with the original commercials)
The Long Aloha
A Time for Dying 
Mojave (original commercials)
The Fighter

The Long Count
Reno (original commercials)
The Lie That Came True (original commercials)
The White Rose

The Ballerina 

Meet McGraw TV Shows
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