MEXICAN SPITFIRE - Complete 8-Movie Collection

Mexican Spitfire Movie Collection

Beautiful and vivacious Lupe Velez plays irrepressible Carmelita, a scatterbrain whose attempts to add spice to her life and luster to her marriage always result in farcical shenanigans galore. Leon Errol co-stars in the dual roles of Uncle Matt and the absentminded Lord Epping. And when these two comedy pros cut loose in this 4-Disc, 8-Movie Collection, you’ll be fired up with laughter. Starring: Lupe Velez, Leon Errol, Charles “Buddy” Rogers – 1943 – 49 – BW • 552 Minutes Comedy.The complete collection of Mexican Spitfire movies starring Lupe Velez.


The Mexican Spitfire : Complete Movie Collection (1939-1943)
Meet Carmelita Lindsay, nee Fuentes, a surprisingly wily and guileful “hot-tempered” Latina from Mexico City. Aided and abetted by her husband’s layabout uncle, superbly played by Leon Errol, Carmelita cons, cry, woos, warbles and weds across the span of eight riotous films.

THE GIRL FROM MEXICO (1939) While scouring Mexico for new talents, engaged radio ad man Dennis Lindsay (Donald Woods) bumps into the fiery tempered singing sensation Carmelita Fuentes (Lupe Velez). Lindsay gets much more than he bargained for when he convinces her to return to New York City with him, and Carmelita teams up with Lindsay’s con man of an uncle (Leon Errol).
THE MEXICAN SPITFIRE (1940) Lindsay’s family schemes to break up his marriage with the help of his ex-fiancé.
THE MEXICAN SPITFIRE OUT WEST (1940) When an enraged Carmelita heads to Reno to get a divorce, Uncle Matt develops an elaborate scheme to save her marriage, that includes impersonating British distiller Lord Epping.
MEXICAN SPITFIRES’S BABY (1941) The Lindsay’s adopt a war orphan, that turns out to be a fully grown French bombshell.
MEXICAN SPITFIRE AT SEA (1942) They Lindsay’s set out on a cruise to Hawaii. Carmelita thinks it is her long delayed honeymoon, but Dennis is planning to use the trip for business. And hell hath no fury like a Spitfire un-honeymooned…
MEXICAN SPITFIRE SEES A GHOST (1942) The Lindsay clan investigates a haunted house.
MEXICAN SPITFIRE’S ELEPHANT (1942) Carmelita gets embroiled in intrigue surrounding a precious stolen gem.
MEXICAN SPITFIRE’S BLESSED EVENT (1943) Carmelita is forced to feign a pregnancy after a telegram she sends is misunderstood.

Mexican Spitfire Movie Collection
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