My Friend Flicka is a 39-episode western television series set at the fictitious Goose Bar Ranch in Wyoming at the turn of the 20th century. The program was filmed in color but initially aired in black and white on CBS at 7:30 p.m. Fridays from February 10, 1956, to February 1, 1957. It was a mid-season replacement for Gene Autry's The Adventures of Champion. Both series, however failed in the ratings against ABC's The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

My Friend Flicka starred native Canadian Johnny Washbrook as Ken McLaughlin, a boy devoted to his horse Flicka, Swedish for "little girl", but actually an Arabian sorrel named Wahana. Gene Evans played the authoritarian father Rob McLaughlin, a former U.S. Army cavalry officer. Anita Louise was cast as the gentle-spirited mother, Nell. Frank Ferguson portrayed Gus Broeberg, the loyal ranch hand.

Flicka is based on a novel by Mary O'Hara, written at the Remount Ranch, located between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Some Internet sites say that the series is set in Montana, where some of the filming was done. The majority of the filming, however, was at Fox Movie Ranch. My Friend Flicka holds the distinction of having been the first television series filmed by 20th Century Fox and was based on 1943 film, My Friend Flicka, starred Roddy McDowall as Ken.

"One Man's Horse" (series premiere), Flicka is stolen by an outlaw. (Hugh Beaumont as Simmons and Forrest Lewis as a storekeeper)
"Blind Faith", Flicka is blinded in an accident and unexpectedly recovers.
"A Case of Honor", Rob is accused of poisoning a water hole during a clash of ranchers and sheepherders.
"A Good Deed", Ken and Flicka help a disabled boy overcome his fear of horses.
"Cavalry Horse", the McLaughlins try to save a soldier's horse from extermination.  
"The Accident", Ken is stalked by a cougar after being thrown by Flicka.
"The Stranger", Ken is held hostage by an escaped convict.
"The Wild Horse", strangers want to buy Flicka, who suddenly goes missing after Ken refuses to sell. (Denver Pyle as Alec, Guinn Williams as the blacksmith)
"Rogue Stallion", McLaughlin and a neighbor each try to capture a wild horse. (John Doucette and Claude Akins as Hap and Matt Scott)
"The Little Secret", Ken saves the life of a Native American Indian baby. (Claude Akins as Keenak)
"Act of Loyalty", Flicka helps a fugitive escape from jail, and some townspeople erroneously suspect that Ken is involved.
"Silver Saddle", Flicka competes in a race for a silver saddle, but some suspect Ken had released a rival horse.
"The Phantom Hand", McLaughlin makes plans to sell the ranch after his entire herd runs away. (Roy Roberts)
"The Little Visitor", Ken and a boy are trapped in a mine.
"The Golden Promise", Ken and Gus search for gold and leave Rob with the ranch chores. (Robert Adler as a foreman)
"Black Dust", construction crews reopening a mine contaminate the water supply. (Robert Adler as Ben)
"Night Rider", an old murder mystery is revived. (Hugh Beaumont appears again as Simmons.)
"The Settler", Ken and Flicka pursue a runaway horse.
"Wind from Heaven", Ken befriends a child of homesteaders with whom the ranchers are in conflict. (Steve Conte as Steve Connell and John M. Pickard as Rufe Grimes)
"The Whip", Ken copes with a powerful black stallion without the use of a whip used by an experienced horse trainer. (Herbert Rudley)
"The Runaways", Ken pursues Flicka, after she runs away to join a wild horse mistaken for an albino killer.
"The Cameraman", Rob saves a photographer from stampeding horses and then suspects that the man is a thief. (John Carradine)
"Old Danny", Ken and Flicka help a little girl whose dog faces a threat from coyotes. (Ann Doran as Mrs. Martha Japson, later the mother on the series National Velvet, and Sandy Descher as Betty Japson)
"Rough and Ready", future U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt intervenes in a range war (Frank Albertson as Roosevelt)
"Royal Carriage", Ken prepares the reception for a visiting countess.
"Mr. Goblin", Ken brings home a stray white colt. (Tiger Fafara)
"Rebels in Hiding", the Indian Thundercloud runs off with his grandson, Silver Fawn.
"Lock, Stock, and Barrel", Ken hides Flicka in an abandoned barn, unaware that the building has been sold. (Claude Akins as August Hoskins)
"The Unmasking", Ken and a young woman befriend a thief. (Sheb Wooley as Harry Runyon)
"Refuge for the Night", Ken and Nell are alone at the ranch when an escaped convict arrives.
"Against All Odds", Ken finds a puppy in his rabbit trap. (Phil Chambers as Doc Harrow)
"The Old Champ", Rob competes as a wrestler at a medicine show. (Mike Mazurki as Hercules)
"The Medicine Man", townspeople opposed a young Indian doctor who is treating Nell. (Pat Hogan as Mark Hawk)
"When Bugles Blow", Rob considers re-enlisting in the cavalry, but Gus advises caution. (Raymond Bailey as Colonel Percival)
"The Recuse", Ken learns a painful lesson when he ridicules an elderly woman. (Douglas Evans)
"The Foundlings", Ken runs away from home and encounters two unhappy orphans.
"Growing Pains", a little girl and a prize bull arrive at the ranch.
"Lost River". Rob buys a stallion with a Chinese brand, which he learns means "Evil comes to him who owns me". (Sammee Tong, later of the sitcom Bachelor Father, as Wong and Forrest Taylor as Shaginaw)
"Big Red" (series finale), while trailing an escaped show horse, Rob and Ken are menaced by a gun-wielding cowboy. (Denver Pyle as Clint Taylor and Jean Byron as Barbara Schuyler)

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