NIGHT OF 100 STARS - 1982

Night of 100 Stars is the title of a three hour-long television special on behalf of the Actor's Fund. Despite the title, the variety show featured appearances by 200 celebrities, many simply in walk-on appearances or in a kickline with chorus girls. Since many of the appearances were fleeting, an on-screen title identified each star and numbered them, in order of appearance. The first special aired in 1982, and follow-up specials debuted in 1985 and 1990. Scrolling text throughout the program kept track of how many "stars" had appeared to date.

So many stars, legends and celebrities all in a show!!!  And for many it would be there last TV appearance.  Among those great stars were...june allyson, ann miller, ethel merman, james stewart, bette davis, jane russell, liza minelli, myrna loy, carol channing, tony bennett, james cagney, frances dee, joel mccrae, alice faye, helen hayes, grace
kelly and many, many more...

And look for many more in the sequence titled - "love makes the world go round" (with
liza minelli singing and the movies great teams had a reunion...don ameche and alice faye, june allyson and van johnson, jane powell and howard keel, anne jeffreys and robert sterling, janet leigh and anthony perkins, etc.), "the fashion parade" (ann miller, gina lollobrigida, arlene dahl, eva gabor, etc.), "the legends" (bette davis, lilian gish, james cagney - very toucing moment when he, so frail from his tough guy image, appeared from below the stage on a chair, gene kelly, ginger rogers, myrna loy, gregory peck, etc.), "the broadway greats (celeste holm, alfred drake, bea arthur, diahann carroll, carol channing, mary martin, mickey rooney and ann miller, alexis smith, robert preston, etc.) and liza's "new york, new york" sitting on the piano, emerging from the stage.

For anyone who likes to ‘CELEBRITY WATCH” this three hour show is a must.  And the quality is excellent….8 to 8.5.  

NIGHT OF 100 STARS - 1982
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