Narrated by Henry Fonda, this comedy disc features a mockumentary of comedian and political satirist Pat Paulsen's nomination for the presidency of the United States in 1968. What began as a running gag on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour became -- for a while -- national news.

Paulsen's campaign -- while wrought with fallacy-filled rhetoric and a non-commonsensical approach -- ultimately garnered him a tremendous write-in campaign from voters. Pat Paulsen for President documents the sequence of events that led to the announcement -- or more accurately revelation -- that the comedian intended to not only run for office, but also had as much support as any other non-affiliated candidate.

He ran the supposed campaigns using obvious lies, double talk, and tongue-in-cheek attacks on the major candidates, and responded to all criticism with his catch phrase "Picky, picky, picky". His campaign slogan was "Just a common, ordinary, simple savior of America's destiny."

Paulsen's name appeared on the ballot in New Hampshire for the Democratic Primary several times. In 1996 he received 921 votes (1%) to finish second to President Bill Clinton (76,754 votes); this was actually ahead of real politicians such as Buffalo mayor James Griffin. In 1992 he came in second to George Bush in the North Dakota Republican Primary. In the 1992 Republican Party primaries he received 10,984 votes total.

This DVD is loaded with good laughs and several big name guest appearances, most notably Robert Kennedy.
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