Pete and Gladys was an American situation comedy broadcast by on Monday night at 8:00pm, beginning on September 19, 1960.  PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM NOSTALGIA MERCHANT.

In the popular 1950s Spring Byington sitcom December Bride, Pete Porter (Harry Morgan) was the next-door neighbor who spent most of the time complaining about his scatterbrained wife Gladys, who never was seen. In this spin-off series, she was seen, and heard, in the form of redheaded comedian Cara Williams. Not only was the show occupying the time slot that once belonged to another wacky redhead, Lucille Ball, but its premise was a variation on that of I Love Lucy, focusing on a level-headed, wise-cracking, and often sarcastic husband (combining elements of both Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz) and his sincere, ingenuous, and frequently in-hot-water wife.

Aside from leading man Pete, the character of Hilda Crocker, played by character actress Verna Felton, was the sole carryover from the Bride series. The older woman was a close equivalent of Ethel Mertz. Gladys' Uncle Paul, seen on occasion in the first season and as a regular in the second, was portrayed by Gale Gordon, a Ball crony and sometime guest star (who went on to become a regular in her subsequent series). Even series director James V. Kern was a Lucy vet.




Disc One
For Pete's Sake (Pilot)
Movie Bug
Pete's Changing Personality

Disc Two
Gladys and the Piggy Bank
No Man Is Japan
Misplaced Weekend
Gladys Rents the House

Disc Three
Cousin Violet
The Orchid Story
Secretary for a Day
Gladys Goes To College

Disc Four
The Hoarder and the Boarder
Money, Money, Who's Got the Money?
Uncle Paul's Insurance
Lover Go Away

Disc Five
Hero in the House
Who Was That Man?
Garden Wedding
Follow That Skeleton

Disc Six
Will the Real Michele Tabour Please Stand Up?
The Prize
Never Forget a Friend
Sleepytime Wife

Pete and Gladys - Classic TV shows, starring Harry Morgan
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