The Porter Wagoner Show, aired from 1960 to 1981. There were 686 30-minute episodes taped; the first 104 (1960–66) in black-and-white and the remainder (1966–81) in color. At its peak, his show was featured in over 100 markets, with an average viewership of over three million. The Porter Wagoner shows was one of the most successful country music half-hour shows in history. Virtually every country music performer in the business appeared on the show over the years

 Porter Wagoner introduced the world to a young Dolly Parton, finding her way to fame, as his female co-star from 1967 to 1974. Porter Wagoner's broad smile, flashy costumes and memorable songs are the very image of a country music star. Indeed, he is an icon in the music industry. The production values are good and the flavor of the show is up and lively. The 4 DVD-R collection includes 30 shows. The first few shows are black and white, the rest are in color. Quality rating is 8 - 9.



Grandpa Jones
Billy Grammer
Jimmy Newman
Mel Tilliis
Lefty Frizzell
Johnny Wright & Kitty Wells

George Jones
Archie Campbell
Wayne Kemp
Charlie Walker
Hank Snow
Lonzo & Oscar 

Chill Wills
George Morgan
Marshal Barnes
Webb Pierce
Archie Campbell
Jimmy Davis 

Ronnie Blackwell
Merle Haggard
Lois Johnson
Wendy Holcombe
Country Music USA
The Hinsons 

Porter Wagoner TV Show
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