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Rex Allen (Rex Allen) comes to California as a wagon train guide during the period of the great Spanish ranchos and finds his old buddy Slim (Slim Pickens), from when they were U. S. Cavalrymen, working for firey-tempered rancho owner Mike Reilly (Harry Shannon.). Reilly has being losing a lot of his fine, blooded horses, and he is sure they have been lured off to join a herd of wild horses. His niece Claire Reilly (Carla Belinda), whose beauty conceals a cold murderous nature, and his foreman Gill (Don Haggerty) encourage him in this belief, but they have actually been stealing and selling the horses, and they are planning on killing the old man and enjoying his possessions together as Claire believes herself the heiress to Rancho Reilly.


Rex Allen, his horse Koko, and his sidekick Slim Pickens play themselves in Old Oklahoma Plains. Set in the 1920s, the film finds Allen trying to convince local ranchers to allow the army room for their tank maneuvers. Rabble-rouser Roy Barcroft, certain that the tank will make horses obsolete, organizes mob resistance against the military. At first glance, the film's finale -- a race between tanks and mounted cavalry -- seems like a novelty.


Singing cowboy Rex Allen continued currying favor with audiences and exhibitors alike with Redwood Forest Trail. The story gets under way when Allen decides to help out a heavily mortgaged boy's camp. A nasty lumber baron wants to dismantle the camp so he can cut down all the trees. Believing that the underprivileged camp kids are somehow responsible for her father's death, mortgage-holder Julie Wescott (Jeff Donnell) intends to sell to the lumber interests. Allen not only proves who really killed Julie's father, but also routs the villains -- and still has time to sing three songs. Rex Allen's comical sidekick is played by Carl Switzer, the former Alfalfa of Our Gang fame.

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