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"Arizona Cowboy" Rex Allen heads the cast of Republic's Old Overland Trail. Rex plays an operative for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, assigned to pacify a disgruntled Apache tribe. Villain John Anchor (Roy Barcroft), a railroad contractor, has been stirring up trouble with the Indians as part of a complex scheme to build a spur line at slave-labor wages. Making things difficult for Rex is the fact that his wayward brother Jim (Gil Herman) has joined Anchor's gang. Of interest to audiences of the 1990s is the presence of Leonard Nimoy, here cast as Apache chief Black Hawk.


This film is so filled with modern trappings (1950's) and gimmicks that it appears to have been intended for Roy Rogers and is written in the typical take-no-prisoners style of toughness perfected by Bob Williams. Rex Allen (Rex Allen) and pal Homer Oglethorpe (Buddy Ebsen) are treasury agents, working undercover with a traveling horse-circus act, after a gold hi-jacking gang that doubles in counterfeiting. Crabby rancher Nap Wellington (Percy Helton) and his daughter, Madeline (Dorothy Patrick), are the early suspects but only until Roy Barcroft (as Hays Lawson) shows up. The climatic chase scene involves a helicopter, a horse, the Mexican secret service and a flying Rex Allen that gives Republic's outstanding corps of stunt-men a chance to shine

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