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When crooked ranch foreman Link Felton (Roy Barcroft) diverts the "Comanche Limited" into an old mineshaft, causing the engine to explode, everyone believes that ranch owner Carlos Alvarez (Nestor Paiva) is among the dead and buried travelers, everyone including Lita, the old man's granddaughter (Estelita Rodriguez), whose Eastern fiancée Rodney Brewster (Douglas Evans) is a greedy tyrant. Although his main goal is to recover a shipment of gold from the buried train, Felton has no compelling reasons not to assist Brewster in rustling a herd of cattle brought in by former Alvarez cowboys Rex Allen and Slim Pickens. But unbeknownst to Felton and Brewster, old man Alvarez is still very much alive.


Postal inspector Rex Allen rides hell bent for leather in order to save an innocent man from hanging in this enjoyable Western from Republic Pictures. When Allen suggests shipping the mail from San Francisco to San Diego via stagecoach instead of clipper ship, Roger McCall (Grant Withers), the crooked owner of the shipping line, does his utmost to prevent stage line operator Sam Sawyer (Forrest Taylor) from winning the contract, including having him falsely accused of murdering a longtime rival (George H. Lloyd). Rex, however, suspects that First Mate Orrin (Roy Barcroft) is the real culprit, but will he be too late to see justice done?

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