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This time out, Rex and his sidekick Slim (Slim Pickens) try to prove that sheriff Webb (Emory Parnell) is a crook. Webb is in league with shady saloon-owner Mike (Roy Barcroft) and renegade bandit Delgado (Ric Roman), who hold the territory in thrall. Alas, Rex can't shoot the broad side of a barn at the beginning of the film -- but he learns, he learns!


Allen plays a modern-day cowpoke who agrees to shepherd a group of Easterners along the same route used by a long-ago wagon train. The purpose is to hopefully locate a fortune in gold, left behind by the original pilgrims. There's something suspicious about the whole enterprise: for starters, Rex's uncle is killed just before he was to join the expedition. The plot gradually evolves into a murder mystery, complete with the Least Likely Suspect who turns out to be the killer. Buddy Ebsen once more proves to be a suitable sidekick for the personable Rex Allen.


Allen and his sidekick Gabe Horne (Buddy Ebsen) are hot on the trail of a murderer who has stabbed a blind man to death. Their chief witness is the victim's seeing-eye dog, who is a better actor than some of the human players. The finale is an exciting underwater set-to between Allen and the killer (whose identity will remain hidden for the benefit of those who haven't seen the picture).


Though he doesn't wield a sword nor wear a plumed hat, singing cowboy Rex Allen qualifies as The Last Musketeer in this Republic western. Allen is called upon to stem the underhanded activities of land baron Russ Tasker (James Anderson). It is Tasker's intention to buy up all the local farmland dirt cheap, so that he can reap all the revenue engendered by an upcoming dam project. The villain is none too particular about his methods, going so far as to cut off all water supplies so that the ranchers' cattle will die off. But Allen finds a method to thwart Tasker's scheme--and without resorting to firearms or fisticuffs. Rex Allen's singing talents are spotlighted during two musical sequences, in which he is backed up by comic sidekick Slim Pickens and The Republic Rhythm Riders.

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