RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - Season Three

Starring: Ben Gazzara

Gazzara plays lawyer Paul Bryan. When his doctor tells him he will die in no less than nine months, but in no more than eighteen months,he decides to do all the things he had never had time for. The program becomes a series of plays in which he meets a wide variety of people from bums riding the rails, to gigolos, to orphans and becomes a man who has little fear of death and everything but time


Although the Bryan character was given no more than eighteen months to live, the series ran for three seasons.



Who’s Che Guevara – Rita Moreno

The Inhuman Predicament – Fernando Lamas

Three Passengers for the Lusitania –

The Frozen Image – Mel Torme

Trip to The Far Side – Ralph Bellamy – Bruce Dern

The Company of Scoundrels – Pat Hingle

At The End of the Rainbow There’s Another Rainbow – Brurce Dern – Anne Helm

Down With Willy Hatch – Don Rickles

The Naked Half Truth – Fernando Lamas – Edward Andrews

Tell It Like It Is – Franchot Tone – James Daly

Cry Hard, Cry Fast #1 – Jack Albertson

Cry Hard, Cry Fast #2 – James Farentino

The Mustafa Embrace – Kaherine Crawford

It Could Only Happen in Rome – Tisha Sterling -

Fly By Night – Felicia Farr – Andrew Duggan

A Dangerous Proposal – Albert Dekker – Judy Carne

One Bad Turn – Warren Oates – Anne Helm – Strother Martin

The Rape of Lucrece  - Julie Harris – Audrey Totter

The Killing Scene – Robert Duvall – Tom Skerritt – Will Geer

Sara-Jane, You Never Whispered Again  - Barbara Hershey

The Dead On Furlough – Ina Balin

Beware My Love – John Van Dreelen

Carol – Kim Barby

Life Among The Maneaters – Anne Baxter – Peter Donat – Jacques Bergerac

The Exchange – Janice Rule

Run For Your Life
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