Starring: Ben Gazzara

Gazzara plays lawyer Paul Bryan. When his doctor tells him he will die in no less than nine months, but in no more than eighteen months,he decides to do all the things he had never had time for. The program becomes a series of plays in which he meets a wide variety of people from bums riding the rails, to gigolos, to orphans and becomes a man who has little fear of death and everything but time


Although the Bryan character was given no more than eighteen months to live, the series ran for three seasons.



The Day Time Stopped – Billy Daniels – John Ireland – John Kerr – Carol Lawrence – Paul Lucas

The Late Diana Hays – Jack Palance –Diana Hyland

The Borders of Barbarism – Joan Collins

The Committee for the 25th – Wendell Corey – Ed Asner

The Dark Beyond the Door – Peter Graves – Michael Dunn

The Sex Object – Fernando Lamas – Joan Hackett

Edge of the Volcano – Katherine Crawford – John Dehner – Alejandro Rey

The Grotenberg Mask – Elizabeth Ashley

The Treasure Seekers – Jack Albertson – Bruce Dern

The Man Who Had No Enemies – Kurt Kasznar – Nancy Malone – Joanna Moore

The Game of Violence -  Ossie Davis – Sugar Ray Robinson

Hang Down Your Head and Laugh – Kim Barby

Tears from a Glass Eye – Donnelly Rhodes – Mary Ann Mabley

Time and a Half on Christmas Eve – Ernest  Borgnine – Charles McGraw

The Shock of Recognition – Farley Granger – Frank Silvera – Marlyn Mason

Flight from Tirana - Ozzie Davis

A Rage for Justice –Ozzie Davis

The List of Alice McKenna - Geraldine Brooks – William Windom

The Face of the Antagonist – Aldo Ray

Baby, the World's on Fire – Jack Kelly & Suzanne Pleshette

Rendezvous in Tokyo – Martin Milner – Joan Blackman – Mickey Shaugnessy

The Calculus of Chaos – Pat Harringon

The Assassin-  Athur Hill -  Andrew Duggan – Harold Gould

The Carpella Collection  - Helmut Dantine

East of the Equator – Dina Merrill

A Choice of Evils – John Forsythe

Tell It to the Dead – Linden Chiles

Better World Next Time  - Martin Milner

The Word Would Be Goodbye -

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