SET #1

THE LONE PRARIE - Hayden enters the lawless prairie in which criminals have had free reign to manipulate the innocent settlers. - FRONTIER LAW - A town is cleared of crime when a group of cowboys under the direction of Hayden battles an outlaw gang. They also manage to restore the reputation of a friend wrongly accused of murder. - THE LAST HORSEMAN Former Hopalong Cassidy sidekick Russell Hayden retains his nickname of Lucky in this western. The foreman of the Bar W ranch, Lucky Rawlins finds himself cheated out of a check for 12,000 dollars (the proceeds from a cattle drive). Unbeknownst to all and sundry, the culprit is none other than the local banker, Cash Watson (John Maxwell), who has learned that the railroad is interested in buying up the local ranches.

SET #2

KNIGHTS OF THE RANGE - Russell Hayden stars as Renn Frayne, a college-educated youth who finds more than he bargained for when he heads westward. After a terrifying run-in with an outlaw gang run by a bloke named Gamecock (Morris Ankrum), Frayne aligns himself with heroine Holly Ripple (Jean Parker), whose father's cattle ranch is in danger of falling into the hands of the villains. SILVER CITY RAIDERS - Hayden plays "Lucky", the same character he'd previously essayed in the Hopalong Cassidy films. This time around, Lucky tries to prove that crooked land baron Dawson (Paul Sutton) doesn't have prior claim on the entire territory. When legal methods prove only moderately effective, Lucky and his chums use more direct methods to drive Dawson and his ilk out of town. LONESOME ROAD ?Lucky? is offered a job to work as a body guard to protect a man who is fighting homesteaders. But when the ranch of a homesteader is raided, the old man goes into town to confront the enemy and is wounded. Hayden proves his courage by coming to the aid of the rancher along with his companion ?Cannonball? to fight for the ranchers.

SET #3

RAIDERS OF THE NORTHWEST MOUNTED - Russell Hayden and prankish Dub Taylor go through their paces in Mountie garb and Smokey-the-bear hats. They're on the trail of escaped criminal Dick Curtis, who has the whole great white north as his hiding place. Leading lady Adele Mara waits at home patiently for Hayden and Taylor to get their man. MARK OF THE AVENGER - Pecos Bill has been causing trouble for a western town robbing stage coaches and stealing cattle. Two drifters come to town (one is Sidney ?Charlie Chan? Toler) and the question is are they good or bad? One claims to be the father of a girl in love with Russell Hayden. A TORNADO IN THE SADDLE - Russell Hayden as the new sheriff of Crestview. Hot on the trail of a gang of claim jumpers led by Dalton (Tristram Coffin) and Slim (Donald Curtis), the novice lawman also has to deal with hotheaded wrangler turned deputy Bob Wilson (Bob Wills), whom he is constantly forced to fight, but only after prudently removing his sheriff's star. The slippery villains prepare an ambush for the sheriff and his deputies, but Hayden's way with a rope eventually saves the day.

SET #4

ROLLING HOME -In this western, an ol' cowhand and his grandson enter a nice, but lame horse in a trotting race in hopes of raising enough money to save the little town church. NORTH OF THE BORDER - Russell Hayden, formerly of the Hopalong Cassidy Westerns, stars in this mini-Western as "Utah" Nyes, a young rancher searching for his partner, Bill Lawton, in the Canadian Northwest. When Bill's body turns up, nasty "Nails" Nelson (Douglas Fowley), whom the murder victim had accused of stealing valuable pelts, frames Utah for the deed. When another victim of Nails' reign of terror (Guy Beach) bites the dust, Utah is again the most obvious suspect. ?NEATH CANADIAN SKIES Russell Hayden stars as a stalwart Mountie who poses as a criminal, the better to solve the murder of a prospector.

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