Originally billed as Playhouse of the Stars this long running anthology series was originally presented live from New York. Irene Dunne was briefly the hostess in 1952 and the show frequently used Broadway performers in classic stories. This is a rare set of 22 episodes in a 3 DVD Set. Quality rating is 7.5 - 9 but most are a solid 8 - 9. There are no episode titles available for this set since the show openings did not feature a story title. Many of these episode have the original commercials for Schltz. Initially, the show was broadcast live, but starting in the summer of 1953, some episodes were filmed in advance. Beginning with the 1956-1957 season, all of the shows were filmed. This is early television folks, so don't expect high definition quality. After all TV barely existed and HD was not even a gleam in the engineers eye.

Schiltz Playhouse Classic TV Shows
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