SHANNON starring George Nader

Joe Shannon works for the TRANSPORT AND BONDING SURETY COMPANY. His job is to try to track down insurance fraud. Shannon, played by George Nader, trove an ultra modern 1961 Buick that was equipped with cameras, dictating machine, tape recorders and weapons (ala James Bond).

This was another of those short lived television series - just a single season (1961 TO 1962) before it met the fate of those other great ideas that just didn?t get enough exposure. You will find this very rare find action packed and a lot of fun. PLEASE NOTE: This series has be updated. The quality is very good. The set includes 16 episodes in a 4 DVD set with custom packaging and interactive menus.

Disc 1
The Embezzler’s Daughter
The King Leal Report
Ironclad Alibi
The Porcelain Egg

Disc 2
Cold Trail
Duke of the Valley
The Hyatt Fund
The Professional Widower

Disc 3
Dolphin and the Mermaid
Tarnished Badge
The Deadly Homecoming
Saints and Sinners

Disc 4
The Sports Car Story
The Gideon Leap
Delayed Delivery
End of the Line

Shannon TV Shows
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