SPY SMASHER starring Kane Richmond

Considered by many as one of the best serials ever made, Spy Smasher has managed to find favor even among non-serial aficionados. Like his fellow masked avenger, Batman, Spy Smasher possessed no super-human powers but was a mere mortal of flesh and blood. The serial was based on the comic book character created in 1940 by C.C. Beck, Pete Costanza and Bill Parker. As in the comics, Spy Smasher's alter ego is playboy Alan Armstrong, here played by Kane Richmond. In brief, Spy Smasher, alias Alan Armstrong and his twin brother Jack (also Richmond) pursue a nefarious German agent known only as The Mask (Hans Schumm) who heads a gang of saboteurs determined to spread destruction across America.

SPY SMASHER starring Kane Richmond
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