A 1978 TRIBUTE TO MILTON BERLE & TV’S FUNNIEST GAME SHOW MOMENTS - On March 26, 1978 a Hollywood gathering paid honor to the man most responsible for the rise of television in the early days - Milton Berle. Joining Uncle Miltie for this special tribute are Lucille Ball, Joey Bishop, George Carlin, Johnny Carson, Angie Dickinson, Kirk Douglas, Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog, Bob Hope, Gabe Kaplan, Gene Kelly, Donny and Marie Osmond, Gregory Peck and Carl Reiner. And of course you will see Mr. Televison himself as he accepts this honor and tribute.
Then take a look back at film clips of some of the funniest moments in Game Show history with William Shatner as host joined by Bob Barker, Bill Cullen, bert Convey & Richard Dawsen

DON RICKLES, DON ADAMS AND BOB NEWHART TV SPECIALS -  First a rare look back at a comedy special from nearly 40 years ago with A COUPLE OF DONS (Don Rickles & Don Adams).  A fun look at movies on the 70’s, the worlds first pregnant man and Don Rickles performs his famous night club act with Jack Benny,  James Caan, Chiro, Red Fox, Jack Klugman, Michael Landon, Dick Martin, Ed McMahan, Ricardo Montabaum, Greg Morris and Bob Newhart.  Next it is the 1980 BOB NEWHART TV SPECIAL with hilarious Newhart skits

TV HALL OF FAME - In 1986 some of the greatest names in early television gathered to honor 7 of TV’s early pioneers into the TV Hall of Fame. Included: Steve Allen, Fred Coe, Walt Disney, Jackie Gleason, Mary Tyler Moore, Frank Stanton, and Burr Tillstrom

THE CARPENTERS VERY FIRST TV SPECIAL / HERB ALBERT 1974 TV SPECIAL - Two great hour long specials on one great DVD. First up is the CARPENTER'S VERY FIRST TV SPECIAL with guest John Denver & Victor Borge. Then is it the music of HERB ALBERT & THE TJB with the added comedy of Jim Henson's MUPPETS. 

FRED ASTAIR’S DANCING SHOES - This great two hour DVD features Fred Astaire in his first two, highly acclaimed TV specials from the late 1950's. Join Fred and dancing partner Barrie Chase is his comeback performance that won him the Emmy award. AN EVENING WITH FRED ASATAIR & ANOTHER EVENING WITH FRED ASTAIR. 

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