SET #1 - ROUGH RIDERS OF CHEYENNE Believing that his father Andy (Eddy Waller) has been killed by the neighboring Sterling clan, Carson, to his relief, learns that the old man was only wounded in the attack. But as Andy relates the story of how the feud had begun, he is shot dead through the window by an unknown assailant. Under the advice of Sheriff Edwards (Tom London), the warring families agree to put an end to hostilities in order for Sunset and Melinda to catch the real enemy. SHERIFF OF CIMARRON Directed by one of the finest stuntmen in American cinema, Yakima Canutt, this western follows legendary hero Sunset Carson as he gallops into Cimarron to find his brother and get revenge against the crooks who had him framed and sent to prison for rustling cows. OREGON TRAIL - The Union Pacific Railroad loses $50,000 in gold bullion and assigns two undercover detectives to find the robbers and return the gold. Captain Street pretends to be a lawman chasing a wanted outlaw named Jim Parker, who is, in reality, his partner Sunset Carson. The trail leads to a Kansas town that is owned by one man, cattleman George Layton, but has been taken over by a saloon owner, Dalt Higgins.

SET #2 - THE EL PASO KID - An outlaw tries to escape from a gang of robbers after they refuse to assist a gang member wounded during a stagecoach caper. He and the wounded outlaw leave and try to steal a stagecoach as their ex-gang robs it. The sheriff's daughter observes the incident. Believing that the two outlaws were trying to save the stage, she takes them into town where the "heroes" are given jobs working for the stage. Soon the truth about his past is revealed. CALL OF THE ROCKIES This film finds Sunset Carson meeting and teaming up with Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette) who is driving supplies in to Placer City for wealthy mining-equipment man J. B. Murdock. Through a runaway horse ruse, the supplies are hi-jacked by Marjorie Malloy and her companion Ned Crane. Murdock has foreclosed on most of the miners on Round Nugget Hill and is withholding needed supplies from the rest. SANTE FE SADDLEMATES Governor Price (Frank Jaquet) sends Sunset Carson (Sunset Carson) to investigate a smuggling ring which is baffling the Border Patrol. Newspaper woman Ann Morton (Linda Stirling) is working incognito in the saloon waiting for a break on the smuggling story. By posing as an expected outlaw named Brazos Kane (Kenne Duncan), Sunset becomes a member of the gang.

SET #3 - SUNSET CARSON RIDES AGAIN - Sunset Carson is a rancher who comes across a wayward youngster, the Kansas Kid (Al Terry), about to drink from a poisoned spring. Unbeknownst to Sunset, the Kid is actually Bob Ward and he is carrying a letter implicating Carson in the death of his father. FIREBRANDS OF ARIZONA - In this western, a sickly cowboy sidekick (Smiley Burnette) gets into a terrible fix when he is mistaken for a notorious bank robber and tossed in the clink. There is a huge bounty on the villain's head, and the sheriff happily anticipates the arrival of that bounty on the next stage, unaware that the real crook is waiting in ambush to steal the money. RED RIVER RENEGADES - A postal inspector becomes determined to discover the truth after a series of robberies involving mysteriously disappearing stagecoaches occur. A female Pinkerton agent assists him, and together, they drain a nearby lake, find a missing stagecoach and solve the mystery.

SET #4 - ALIAS BILLY THE KID -Carson plays a ranger only pretending to be an outlaw in order to infiltrate the notorious Marshall gang. But after investigating the murder of a fellow ranger, Sunset sides with pretty "gang leader" Ann Marshall (Peggy Stewart) against the real culprit, Matt Conroy (Roy Barcroft), a nasty banker attempting to take over Ann's spread by railroading employer Peewee (Russ Whiteman). THE CHEROKEE FLASH - That veteran reprobate Roy Barcroft plays yet another outlaw but Barcroft's title character reforms this time and even adopts a young orphan. Years later, the Cherokee Flash, now known as Jeff Carson, is visited by former gang members who promptly blackmail him into doing their bidding. Carson refuses, of course, but lands in jail anyway, much to the consternation of now-grown foster son Sunset (Sunset Carson) and grizzled sidekick Utah (Tom London). BANDITS OF THE BADLANDS - Sunset Carson plays a wandering cavalier who rides into the Badlands (hence the title). Heroine Peggy Stewart is bedeviled by bandits who've been raiding the livestock of her ranch. Carson plays his cards close to the vest for 45 minutes, then goes after the baddies in the film's last reel. Also in the cast is Monte Hale, not far removed from his own Republic series.

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