THE SECOND WOMAN - A film noir, psychological drama, mystery, thriller, romance in the vein of Spellbound and Rebecca - Robert Young stars as Jeff Cohalan, a successful architect who is tormented by the fact that his fiancée  was killed in a mysterious car accident on the night before their wedding. Ever since the accident, Colahan seems to be followed by bad luck.  Enter Ellen Foster (Betsy Drake), an insurance investigator who just might be able to help Colahan figure out who or what's behind all of his misfortune. WOMAN ON THE RUN - Ross Elliott witnesses a mob-related rub-out of a witness and it's up to Inspector Robert Keith to find him before the killer does. He approaches Johnson's wife, Eleanor (Ann Sheridan), who learns that her husband has a potentially serious heart condition that he never told her about.   She finds herself dodging the police with help from a pushy reporter named Leggett (Dennis O'Keefe). The is just a step behind her and has already started covering her trail and murdering potential witnesses.

TOO LATE FOR TEARS - When Lizabeth Scott's Jane Greer husband Arthur Kennedy accidentally gets his mitts on $60,000 in stolen money, she insists that he keep the dough. Two-bit private eye Dan Duryea catches on and Scott persuades Duryea to split the money with her and murder her husband. GUEST IN THE HOUSE starring Elizabeth Scott, Ralph Balamy, Don Defore, Margaret Hamilton & Percy Kilbride - an involving psychological melodrama, well directed and acted. Evelyn (Anne Baxter), an emotionally vulnerable and unstable woman, stays at the home of her doctor Dan Proctor where she meets and falls in love with his brother, Douglas (Ralph Bellamy), who is happily married to Ann (Ruth Warrick). Evelyn then sets forth to break up the happy marriage and win the love of Douglas -- with tragic results.

THE GREAT FLAMARION - Erich Von Stroheim, is an arrogant vaudeville artiste specializing in a trick-gunshot act. Flamarion at first pays little attention to his beautiful assistant Connie (Mary Beth Hughes)- who is  married to Flamarion's assistant, Al Wallace (Dan Duryea).  Connie begins playing up to her boss, the result being the "accidental" death of Al during Flamarion's act. THE SLEEPING TIGER -  Alexander Knox stars as  a psychiatrist who believes that he can stem the criminal tendencies of young fugitive from justice Dirk Bogarde and hides Clements in his own home. Esmond's wife Glenda (Alexis Smith) gradually warms up to her house guest, and before long she and Clements are casting lustful glances at one another.

THE SCAR - Paul Henreit & Joan Bennett -  On the run he is mistaken for Dr. Bartok, a psychiatrist also played by Henreid. Muller goes to the doctor's office, and meets Bartok's secretary and lover, Joan Bennett. Needing to avoid capture, he assumes Bartok's identity, but first must scar his face like the doctor's. Working from a photograph printed from a reversed negative, he applies the scar to the wrong side. THE DEVIL’S PARTY - Victor McLaglen - William Gargan - Paul Kelly -  the friendship between four boys in New York's Hell's Kitchen who mkae a pact that they would meet annually to renew their friendship. Trouble ensues when one of the boys accidently sets fire to a building. Another boy took the blame. He went to reform school. Years pass and now the man is a professional gambler and nightclub owner. He sees two of his friends, who have become cops, when they come into his club to investigate a murder.

TRAPPED - When nearly perfect counterfeit 20-dollar bills start turning up, the Treasury Department recognizes them as the work of Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges), a man already doing a long prison stretch. They offer Stewart a break on his sentence if he'll help them find out who got hold of his old . CAST A DARK SHADOW - Dirk Bogarde kills his first wife hoping to claim her inheritance. Surprise! The inheritance is a myth. Thus Bogarde sets his sights on barkeeper Margaret Lockwood, whom he knows to be heavily insured. But Lockwood is possessed of a naturally suspicious nature, making Bogarde's second murder plot a bit more delicate than his first.

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