Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca - ADMIRAL BROADWAY REVIEW

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The Admiral Broadway Revue is an American variety show that premiered on January 28, 1949, and was broadcast live simultaneously on both NBC and the now-defunct DuMont network.

Today it is nothing for an unsuccessful TV show to be cancelled after just a few weeks for lack of interest.  But in 1949 just the opposite occurred with this series.   It was sponsored by TV manufacturer ADMIRAL CORPORTION and was cancelled because it was too popular.   There series proved so popular that Admiral was unable to keep up with the demand for new television sets and the series was cancelled.  It only ran till June 2, 1949, just a few weeks after it’s start.

 The hour-long series was directed by Max Liebman, hosted by Sid Caesar, and also starred Imogene Coca.   Because of the success of ADMIRAL BROADWAY REVIEW the team of Liebman, Caesar, and Coca later presented on of early TV’s most famous shows  Your Show of Shows, a new program on NBC.

Besides the comedy of Caesar and Coca, the Admiral show also featured dancing duo Marge and Gower Champion, Howard Morris (who later joined Caesar on SHOW OF SHOWS & CAESAR’S HOUR)  and featured a variety of guest acts.  We are delighted to have located 8 extremely rare kinescopes (the show, as were all variety shows of that era, was broadcast “live”). 

The shows we present are from surviving 16 MM prints and are surprisingly well preserved and good quality.   A true finders gem.  These shows are complete and even include the original ADMIRAL TV commercials from 1949.  Milton Berle even makes a surprise guest appearance at the close of one show.


FEBRUARY 18, 1949
MARCH 18, 1949
APRIL 1, 1949
APRIL 8, 1949
APRIL 15, 1949
APRIL 29, 1949
MAY 27, 1949

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