Tammy was a short-live series, starring Debbie Watson in the title role. 26 color half-hour episodes were aired on ABC from September 17, 1965 to March 11, 1966.
Tammy was loosely based on the three Tammy films; Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) starring Debbie Reynolds; Tammy Tell Me True (1961); and Tammy and the Doctor (1963) both starring Sandra Dee. Also in the cast are Denver Pyle as Grandpa Tareleton, Frank McGrath as Uncle Lucius and Donald Woods as John Brent.

The premise of the program revolves around Tammy Tarleton, an 18-year-old country girl who moves back and forth between her country family, which lives on a bayou houseboat, and the wealthy Brents, who own a plantation and pancake business. Tammy is hired as a secretary by a powerful industrialist with a handsome young son. A high society dame who wants her own daughter to marry the son, repeatedly but unsuccessfully tries to smear Tammy’s reputation.

The picture and sound quality is this set is outstanding…. 9-10 throughout.  This set was carefully taken from original material.


Tammy Leaves Home (9/17/1965) - pilot episode
The Aristocratic Tates (9/24/1965)
Tammy Plays Cupid (10/1/1965)
The Poker Game (10/8/1965)
The Tarleton Land Grant (10/15/1965)
Prophet And Loss (10/22/1965)
Will The Real Dwayne Whitt Please Stand Up? (10/29/1965)
Still Waters (11/5/1965)
Mind Your Manners (11/12/1965)
Grandpa's Old Flame (11/19/1965)
The Riverfyin' Of Billy Joe Morgan (11/26/1965)
Grandpa's Secret Love (12/3/1965)
Cletus Comes Callin' (12/10/1965)
The Enoch Bowl (12/17/1965)
A Severe Case Of Matrimony (12/24/1965)
T' Know Me Is T' Love Me (12/31/1965)
The Law And Mr. Tarleton (1/7/1966)
avinia's Wedding Day (1/14/1966)
Two For Tee Pee (1/21/1966)
Blue Nose, Wet Nose (1/28/1966)
The Monster From Catfish Bend (2/4/1966)
Larnin' Works Wonders (2/11/1966)
Tammy Goes To Paris (2/18/1966)
The Cinemazation Of Tammy Parker (2/25/1966)
Uncle Lucius Returns (3/4/1966)
Uncle Lucius, The Business Man (3/11/1966)

Tammy - The Complete TV Series
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