THE BIG STORY hosted by Burgess Meredith

The Big Story is an anthology television series about courageous American journalists. Based on a popular radio series, each show tells a different reporter's Big Story, a true story selected from newspapers across the United States. Comments from the actual reporter open and close each show but the permanent narrator drives the plot line and a featured actor dramatizes the reporter's role.

It aired monthly on NBC from September 16, 1949, to June 28, 1957, after which it appeared in syndication until 1958. The half-hour program was hosted by William Sloane, Norman Rose, Ben Grauer, and, finally, Burgess Meredith. The Big Story was on radio before it was adapted to television.

This very rare set features 13 episodes from these long forgotten shows.  The quality is excellent.  In fact most of these shows rate an 8 to 8.5 in picture and sound.  Also includes as a bonus are to very rare WALTER WINCHELL SHOWS. 

THE BIG STORY hosted by Burgess Meredith
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