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Rival stage lines competing for the valuable government mail contract in this entry in the long-running Durango Kid series. This time, the Halliday stage line of Quanto Basin is all but forced out of business when old man Halliday (Nolan Leary) finds himself falsely accused of killing Dan Waring (Steve Clark), the manager of the competing Brent line. In reality, Brent (Alan Bridge) has been sabotaging Halliday's efforts to win the contract by having Jim McMasters (Mauritz Hugo) and his hired gunmen perform one hold-up after another. Disagreeing with these methods, Waring was shot by McMasters, who then framed Halliday. Enter Waring's nephew Jeff (Charles Starrett) and his young friend Tex Harding, who quickly side with Halliday's daughter Mary (Carole Mathews) and the only driver left in the company, Cannonball (Dub Taylor). Donning the disguise of noted avenger The Durango Kid, Jeff gets the goods on Brent, who subsequently loses the deciding stagecoach race for the contract. McMasters is revealed as the killer, and Jeff leaves Quanto Basin in the capable hands of Mary Halliday and young Tex.


In the opening scene of this fine "Durango Kid" series entry, wannabe general store owner Steve Langtry (Charles Starrett) is robbed, wounded, and left for dead at Skeleton Pass by a gang of thugs. Rescued by prospector Smiley Burnette and brought to nearby Jackson City, Steve receives a ransom note demanding two thousand dollars for the return of his wagons. But instead of paying the ransom, as suggested by Dr. Middleton (Fred F. Sears), Steve dons the disguise of the Durango Kid, much to the excitement of Spike (Buzz Henry), Sheriff Coleman's (George Chesebro) impressionable son. In contrast, Steve without the disguise is considered a coward by all and sundry, especially the sheriff's pretty daughter Mary (Nancy Saunders). Our hero, of course, is in reality a secret agent and with the help of young Spike and Smiley, the leader of the gang of thugs is soon apprehended. In between the gunplay and fisticuffs, Texas Jim Lewis and his Lone Star Cowboys perform "I'm Riding the Trail Back Home" and "Way Back in Grandpa's Day," while in his inimitable way Smiley Burnette takes care of his own "Huntin' Trouble" and "With My Luck."

THE DURANGO KID, Classic Movie Westerns
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