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Prospector Cimarron Dobbs (Emmett Lynn) stumbles on a vast cache of Spanish gold left in Texas by Santa Ana's army, and knows he will be swindled out of his discovery unless he gets help. Saloon hostess Dixie King (Helen Mowery) agrees that he must secure the help of the Durango Kid, otherwise known as Steve Reynolds (Charles Starrett). Dobbs is kidnapped by a gang headed by John Munro (Robert W. Filmer), owner of the saloon where Dixie works. She writes Steve, and the Durango Kid and his sidekick Smiley (Smiley Burnette) ride out to help. Meanwhile,henchmen Rankin (George Chesebro) and Slade (Zon Murray) are vainly attempting to learn the location of the treasure from Dobbs. Steve begins to suspect that Munro is involved, and offers a $5,000 reward for information leading to Dobb's whereabouts and announces that the treasure will be divided among the needy ranchers in the area


Charles Starrett once again played an avenger named Steve, Reynolds this time. Donning his mask once again, Steve comes to the aid of Jock Mahoney, who has been wrongfully accused of murder. The real murderer, as it turns out, is Jock's own lawyer, Gail Kingston (Angela Stevens). As usual, Smiley Burnette is along for the ride to provide comedy relief and a hayseed ditty or two


The Texas Rangers and Mexican Rurales can find no trace of six to seven wanted outlaws on either side of the border. Texas Ranger Captain Henley (Fred Sears) and Ranger Steve Carson (Charles Starrett) stage a fake killing of the Captain by Carson in order to make him a wanted fugitive, and find the answer to the mystery as such. Carson comes to Copper City with the information that the owner of the town merchantile, B.F. Morgan (Clayton Moore), can provide a refuge for those on the dodge from the law. He can since he is really in the employ of the leading citizen, Charles Burton (John Dehner) of both Copper Town, Texas and El Dorado, Mexico who, for a fee, guarantees the outlaws he hides that they won't "ever" be found. And stands behind his guarantee. But the outlaws don't trust Carson too much, and he is caught between the outlaws and the Rangers, led by Tim Starling (Jock Mahoney.) Mahoney also keeps busy as Starrett's double for both the Carson and Durango roles, and literally chases himself down alleys, up staircases and across roof tops.

THE DURANGO KID, Classic Movie Westerns
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