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Dakota Indian Agent Steve Reynolds receives a copy of the Bonanza City Nuggett from Jim Mallory and reads a story blaming the Durango Kid for recent gold mine raids. Steve, also the Durango Kid, and his pal Smiley head for Bonanza City to contact Mallory and Rance Hudson, his partner in the mining machinery business. Mallory sells his interest in the business to Hudson for $50,000 and heads for California. Seeing him off are Hudson's secretary Anne Parker, her father Sam Parker, owner of the Gold Moon Mine and his miners Hank Penny and the Plantation Boys (Harold Hensley, Noel Boggs, Sanford Williams and Fenton Reynolds). Hudson plans to rob the wagon train and blame the Durango Kid, and sends Curlew and his henchmen to do the job. Killing Mallory in the raid, Curlew caches the money rather than taking it to Hudson.

Despite that, Hudson learns that Carter plans a gold shipment and orders Curlew to rob the stage. Steve and Smiley hit town and Steves decides that Curlew and his brother Red could bear watching. The Durango Kid breaks up the first robbery attempt, but a second one is successful, although Durango learns from a wounded henchman that the Curlew gang has a hideout in Lost Canyon


Steve Landry arrives as the new Marshal of a town that is having trouble with outlaws. When an outlaw escapes over the State line out of his jurisdiction, the Durango Kid brings him in. The Durango Kid then continues to break up the outlaw raids. But Belle, the saloon owner who is in cahoots with the outlaws, notices the the boot prints of the Durango Kid match those of the new Marshal and a trap is sent to get Durango


The Halliday stage line of Quanto Basin is all but forced out of business when old man Halliday (Nolan Leary) finds himself falsely accused of killing Dan Waring (Steve Clark), the manager of the competing Brent line. In reality, Brent (Alan Bridge) has been sabotaging Halliday's efforts to win the contract by having Jim McMasters (Mauritz Hugo) and his hired gunmen perform one hold-up after another. Vociferously disagreeing with these methods, Waring was shot by McMasters, who then framed Halliday. Enter Waring's nephew Jeff (Charles Starrett) and his young friend Tex Harding, who quickly side with Halliday's daughter Mary (Carole Mathews) and the only driver left in the company, Cannonball (Dub Taylor). Donning the disguise of noted avenger The Durango Kid, Jeff gets the goods on Brent, who subsequently loses the deciding stagecoach race for the contract. McMasters is revealed as the killer, and Jeff leaves Quanto Basin in the capable hands of Mary Halliday and young Tex.

THE DURANGO KID, Classic Movie Westerns
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