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Desert Vigilante perpetuated the long-running "Durango Kid" western series starring Charles Starrett. Per the title, Starrett gallops into a remote desert town, where he single-handedly (or so it seems) rounds up the villainous element. At this point in time, Starrett was being extensively doubled by the legendary Jock Mahoney, and the results were never less than spectacular. The subterfuge was helped along by the fact that Starrett's "Durango" character was required to wear a mask during most of the film.


Charles Starrett plays the title role in Stranger from Texas, but he's no stranger to the cliches inherent in the film's plotline. Things get under way when US marshal Tom (Starrett) finds himself in the midst of a range war. The villains are a band of rustlers who play both sides of the confrontation against one another, the better to move in and claim all the livestock. In time-honored fashion, the plot is resolved with a fistfight between Charles Starrett and his perennial screen foe Dick Curtis. Lorna Gray substitutes for Starrett's usual leading lady Iris Meredith.


As always, strapping Charles Starrett dons his black mask in defense of law and order in general and the well-being of sidekick Burnette in particular. A singing horseshoe salesman, Burnette has been cajoled by Abilene promoter Big Jim Grady (Frank Sully) into wrestling the fearful Bone Crusher (Victor Holbrook); when all hope seems lost, Steve Haley, as Durango, replaces him and scores an easy victory. But Smiley is not out of danger. Soon after, the tubby salesman is falsely accused of robbing a covered wagon, a crime actually committed by a gang of masked outlaws under the leadership of a crooked veterinarian (George Chesebro) and none other than Big Jim himself. Nancy Saunders, in her first of six appearances opposite Starrett, provides a bit of romantic interest, while Burnette and others perform "Frog Went a-Courtin'," "I Got the Sillies," "Down in Abilene," and assorted other hillbilly numbers.

THE DURANGO KID, Classic Movie Westerns
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