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The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) comes to the aid of a young preacher (Tex Harding), who is battling a gang of land grabbers operating out of Dusty Gulch. As it turns out, The Kid, alias Steve Ranson, has a personal quarrel with town boss Blaze Howard (John Calvert), who had his brother, the marshal, killed. But as Steve, Tex and comedy sidekick Cannonball (Dub Taylor) learn, Howard isn't calling the shots at all but is taking orders from someone completely above suspicion. In a rare contemplative moment, Tex Harding and leading lady Mildred Law sing the Reverend W.B. Stevens' "Farther Along" while Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys interrupt the action with Wills and Tommy Duncans swinging "Stay a Little Longer" and "Devlish Mary".


Although Smoky Canyon is officially an entry in Charles Starrett's "Durango Kid" western series, the film is essentially a showcase for the talents of Jack (later Jock) Mahoney, who'd been a supporting player and stunt double in the Starrett films for several years. Mahoney plays a sheepman whos framed for the murder of a rancher. It's all part of a scheme by a dishonest cattleman (Tristam Coffin) who hopes to extenuate a range war for his own profit. Starrett assumes his "Durango" disguise to help clear Mahoney's name. A few comic breaks in the action are provided by habitual Starrett sidekick Smiley Burnette.


When Sheriff Jeff Connor (Jack Rockwell) of Powder River cannot stop the crime wave, his young son, Larry (Mickey Kuhn), writes to the Durango Kid for aid. Taggart (Edmund Cobb), the saloon owner, is the secret head of the outlaws, while Connor's brother Bill (Ed Cassidy) is in cahoots with him. Steve Randall (Charles Starrett), the Durango Kid, and his pal, Smiley Butterbean (Smiley Burnette), arrive in time to stop a stagecoach holdup, and Steve is made a deputy sheriff. Taggart has one of his men, Slade (Ted Mapes), pose as the Durango Kid and while he is speaking to the townspeople, the rest of the outlaw gang pillages the town, and this somewhat damages the Durango Kid in the eyes of Larry and his sister Doris (Adelle Roberts as Adelle Roberts.) Steve suggests that Sheriff Connor visit the government about a railroad project, and Taggart instructs Slade and the gang leader (Bob Wilke) to kill Connor on his trip back

THE DURANGO KID, Classic Movie Westerns
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