SET #1
BLAZING THE WESTERN TRAIL - Rival stage lines competing for the valuable government mail contract in this entry in the long-running Durango Kid series. LAW OF THE CANYON - In the opening scene of this fine "Durango Kid" series entry, wannabe general store owner Steve Langtry (Charles Starrett) is robbed, wounded, and left for dead at Skeleton Pass by a gang of thugs. Rescued by prospector Smiley Burnette and brought to nearby Jackson City, Steve receives a ransom note demanding two thousand dollars for the return of his wagons.

SET #2
PHANTOM VALLEY - Someone is stirring things up between the ranchers and the homesteaders in Phantom Valley and Marshal Steve Collins (Charles Starrett) is assigned to look into matters. "Streets of Laredo (The Cowboy's Lament" and "The Big Corral. WHIRLWIND RAIDERS -  The villains this time are a band of Texas law officers who use their authority to rob and plunder. When Steve figures out who's the "head man" behind the crooks, he dons his Durango mask and metes out justice.

SET #3
BLAZING ACROSS THE PECOS -   Investigating a series of cattle rustlings, Steve Blake (the Durango Kid) is attacked by nasty Buckshot Thomas (Jack Ingram), who leaves him for dead in the wilderness. In town, Buckshot boasts to his employer, Mayor Ace Brockway (Charles Wilson), that he has killed the Kid. Brockway, who is using the local Indian tribe to terrorize a business rival. LARAMIE  - the Durango Kid, works desperately to prove that gun-runner Cronin (Robert J. Wilke) killed Chief Eagle (Chief Shooting Star) in order to exploit an Indian war.

SET #4
SOUTH OF DEATH VALLEY -  When Tommy is killed, Scotty points the finger at Steve (Charles Starrett), who is promptly arrested by Sheriff (Smiley Burnette). TRAIL OF THE RUSTLERS - Charles Starrett goes up against an entire family of criminals posing as respectable citizens.  

SET #5
STREETS OF GHOST TOWN -  The plot concerns a treasure hunt in a supposedly deserted town. CYCLONE FURY -  Durango's effort to deliver horses to the U.S. Cavalry - the film benefited from an unusually villainous turn by Clayton Moore,

SET #6
PECOS RIVER -  Starrett is a government agent, posing as a bandit to expose a gang of mail thieves. SNAKE RIVER DESPERADOES -  Steve Reynolds (Starrett)
runs up against criminal mastermind Jim Haverly (Monte Blue), who for financial reasons hopes to foment a war between the Apaches and the settlers.

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