THE FABULOUS 50’S hosted by Henry Fonda

Talk about a show full of great memories…..this very rare 90 minute TV special from February 22, 1960 is a nostalgia lovers dream.   Just two months into the new decade Henry Fonda made an early television appearance as host of this wonderful look back at the preceding decade.   Starring in this special treat are Dick Van Dyke, Shelly Berman, Jackie Gleason, Julie Andrews, Rex Harrison and the comedy team of Comden & Green.  

Through skits and film clips the viewer will be transported back to an era of laughs and charm.   Henry Fonda will review all the aspects of the 50’s…..sports, Broadway entertainment, movies, news events and the first full decade of television.  This TV special even includes the original GE commercials presented by another television icon from the 50’s - Art Linkletter.  Taken from rare old  recordings we feel that this DVD will delight anyone who was part of that golden decade or anyone who may be curious about life in the 50’s.  90 minutes of pure fun.

THE FABULOUS 50’S hosted by Henry Fonda
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