THE JIMMY STEWART SHOW: James Stewart made a rare sojourn into the world of Situation Comedy on NBC at the dawn of the Seventies. His gift for comedy, on grand cinema display since the dawn of his career, made him a congenial fit for the familial world of episodic comedy. Stewart plays Professor James Howard, an anthropologist struggling to make sense of the generation gap with his college students and just plain struggling to make sense of his own family. Jim and wife Martha are busy raising an eight-year-old, as is their twenty-nine-year-old first born, Peter (James Daly) and his wife, Wendy (Ellen Geer). And Uncle Teddy (Dennis Larson) is sure to demand the proper respect from his five-day-older nephew, Jake (Kirby Furlong). Its a good thing Jim has a Nobel Prize-winning best friend, chemistry professor Dr. Luther Quince (John McGiver) to help make sense of the chaos, especially after a house fire forces Peters family to move in with Jims! 1971-72- BW - 24 Episodes. 3 DVD Set. The series only lasted one season and 24 episodes. They are all included in this rare set.


EPISODE TITLES: By Way of Introduction, Love in a Briefcase, The Price of Plumbing is Numbing, The Father and Son Game, Another Day, Another Scholar, A Hunch in Time, The Identity Crisis, Guest of Honor, Pro Bono Publico, A Bunk for Unk, A Run for City Commissioner, Period of Readjustment, Luther's Last Love, Cock-a-doodle Don't, As the Escrow Flies, Eighty-Nine Pounds of Love, The Quarterback Ache, Aunt's in My Pants, Paper Work, Song of the Jailbird, Price is Right, Jim Decision, Old School Ties, A Bone of Contention.

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