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Here are 12 of our all time most popular selling cliffhanging Saturday Matinee Serials.  This is the first time we have offered these great thrillers at these super savings


FEDERAL AGENTS VS UNDERWORLD INC. starring Kirk Alyn - This exciting 12 chapter adventure features Kirk Alyn as head of the Federal Agents trying to recover a valuable artifact that has been stolen. The artifact has the power to control mens minds. Also features Roy Barcroft.
GHOST OF ZORRO starring Clayton Moore- Clayton (THE LONE RANGER) Moore can't seem to get away from hiding behind a mask. This time he is the grandson of ZORRO as he battles legendary bad guy Roy Barcroft, known as the movies greatest western villian. Don't miss a single chapter.
GOVERNMENT AGENTS VS PHANTOM LEGION - Starring Walter Reed - 12 exciting chapters - The Phantom Legion Strikes! "The Voice" commands and enemy agents inflick deadly sabotage against our Country. More action packed fun.
KING OF THE ROCKET MEN starring Tristram Coffin & Mae Clarke -Jeff King is appointed to investigate the murders of a group of scientists. Aided by the jet-propelled rocket pack King only has 12 chapters to find out who the mysterious Dr Vulcan is and stop his menace.
ROAR OF THE IRON HORSE starring Jock Mahoney - Western settlers are being driven off their homesteads and ranches by a combination of Indian raids and attacks by bands of mysterious outlaws. The government sends out famed Indian scout Kit Carson and army officer David Brent to investigate,  15 chapters
THE MASKED MARVEL starring Martin Crane- It is World War II and our superhero battles Japanese saboteurs. This serial has a twist though. In a reversal of the common serial plot, the audience doesn't know who the hero is until the 12th chapter
THE MONSTER AND THE APE starring Robert Lowery - Ken Morgan, an agent for a company manufacturing the newly invented Metalogen, a metal that can render a robot invincible. An evil professor (Ralph Morgan) attempts to steal the metal, using a trained gorilla as his weapon.
THE MYSTERIOUS DR SATAN - Jam-packed with fast action and dizzying plot twists, The Mysterious Dr. Satan was one of the best and most often-revived Republic serials of the early 1940s featuring Dr Satan's famous "killer robot".
THE GREEN HORNET - The 13-episode  serial The Green Hornet is based on the radio series of the same name. Gordon Jones stars as Britt Reid, crusading young publisher of the Daily Sentinel, who matches wits with the underworld by disguising himself as the Green Hornet. In the course of the serial, Reid and his faithful valet Kato (Keye Luke), take on a crooked insurance racket, an auto-theft ring and a dishonest flying school.
THE MYSTERY OF THE RIVERBOAT starring Robert Lowery - Murder and mystery ensue onboard the riverboat as it heads for Duval's Landing where a mysterious secret is about to be revealed. But who will survive this journey? It takes 13 chapters to find out
THE PHANTOM - 15 chapters - Tom Tyler -  Assisted by his dog Devil, The Phantom takes on a ruthless gang searching for the lost treasure of Zoloz. The Phantom protects another expedition which includes Diana Palmer. To do this, he must also fight a gigantic ape, treachery from within the expedition, wild animals and many more deadly dangers.


THE MYSTERIOUS PILOT - 12 Chapters - a Columbia movie serial based on the book by William Byron Mowery and starring the record-breaking aviator Frank Hawks. Jim Dorn helps hide Jean McNain from a man she can implicate in a murder.


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