THE MYSTERIOUS MR. M - 13 Chapter Serial - 1946

THE MYSTERIOUS MR. M: Spell-Binding Thrills!


A series of murder victims with the name Mr. M left on their bodies keeps the police busy while the culprit, Anthony Waldron, launches his real mission--the theft of a super secret submarine engine. The nefarious Waldron carries out his plots until someone else claiming to be Mr. M tries to hijack the scheme. Police investigators have their hands full trying to thwart a villain who uses "hypnotrene" to gain mental control of those who stand in his way. Meanwhile, airplane crashes, burning buildings, and spectacular electrical explosions are more tools in Waldron's arsenal against the police, and the Mysterious Mr. M! (1946) 2 - DVD Set. A product of Nostalgia Merchant.

Starring: Richard Martin, Pamela Blake, Dennis Moore, Denny Morton
13 Chapters on 2 DVDs

The Mysterious Mr. M - Class Movie Serial
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