Considered above average westerns this series featured some of the biggest names in cowboy movies - Bob Livingston, Bob Steele, Duncan Runaldo, Tom Tyler, John Wayne and Ray “Crash Corrigan to name a few.  Here are 14 of those great westerns.  Reg $13.95 each now just $8.95 each plus $5.95 postage and handling ($7.95 outside USA) or take all 5 disc (14 westerns) just $34.95 plus $10.95 postage and handling ($12.95 outside USA)

SET #1
SADDLEMATES - Congress suddenly changes the boundary between Texas and Mexico and the rangers leave the territory to the U.S. cavalry. Left to fend for himself, the commanding officer, Colonel Langley makes the mistake of trusting LeRoque , a half-breed interpreter who in reality is the feared Commanche renegade Waneeche.  GUNSMOKE RANCH -  After rescuing young Marion (Julia Thayer) from the rising flood waters, our three heroes take on a no-good varmint who is capitalizing on the disaster by buying up land dirt cheap. ROCKY MOUNTAIN RANGERS - Working undercover for the Texas Rangers, Stony Brooke poses as the recently deceased Laredo Kid to get the goods on the latter's gang.

SET #2
COWBOYS FROM TEXAS - The trio must help two rival sides involved in a range war settle their differences.  UNDER TEXAS SKIES - The story opens as Stony returns to his home town, only to discover that his sheriff father has been murdered by person or persons unknown.  WILD HORSE RODEO - Stony Brooke, wants to capture Cyclone, a wild stallion made famous in magazine illustrations. Stony "breaks" the stallion and goes on to win first place at a rodeo operated by nasty Colonel Nye who wants Cyclone for himself.

SET #3
THE PHANTOM PLAINSMAN - The boys are working at the Wyoming ranch of Captain Marvin herding horses which he sells to Kurt Redman. The boys find out that Redman is a German agent shipping the horses directly to the Third Reich. - VALLEY OF HUNTED MEN - Fugitive Nazis threaten to take over the Wyoming range.  In the end, it takes the Mesqueteers -- Tucson Smith (Bob Steele), Stony Brooke (Tom Tyler) and Lullaby Joslin (Jimmie Dodd) -- to settle matters once and for all. - SHADOWS OF THE SAGE - The better-than-average plot finds our three heroes battling a crooked banker and an elusive bandit -- who happens to be the exact double of Mesquiteer Tucson Smith (Bob Steele).

SET #4
PALS OF THE SADDLE - The role of Stony Brooke, recently vacated by Bob Livingston, is here played by none other than John Wayne. Stony is chasing after foreign agents who are trying to steal and smuggle a secret weapon, the deadly chemical "monium," out of the United States. - KANSAS TERRORS  Stoney (Livingston) and his saddle pal Rusty (Raymond Hatton) take a job delivering horses to a flyspeck Caribbean island. Here they join forces with Rico (Duncan Renaldo) to topple the regime of a despotic commandante . - HEROES OF THE SADDLE - The three cowboy pals promising to look after Peggy Bell, the little daughter of mortally wounded rodeo champ (Kermit Maynard). Legal technicalities, however, halt the adoption proceeding and Stony (Robert Livingston), Rusty (Raymond Hatton), and Rico (Duncan Renaldo) can only watch as the little girl is placed in the county orphanage.

SET #5
HEROS OF THE SADDLE (repeat of DISC #4) - A fast-paced, enjoyable entry the three cowboy pals promising to look after Peggy Bell, the little daughter of mortally wounded rodeo champ (Kermit Maynard). PIONEERS OF THE WEST - When an evil land grabbers forces settlers out of their homes, the courageous Three Mesquiteers ride up to stop him. Rootin' tootin' western action ensues. - COVERED WAGON DAYS - Our heroes, Stony Brooke (Robert Livingston), Rusty Joslin (Raymond Hatton) and Rico Rinaldo (Duncan Renaldo) ride into a silver mining camp. The villains keep busy by smuggling the valuable ore across the border, and to add insult to injury have framed Rico's brother Carlos

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