THE TOM EWELL SHOW - 24 Episodes

Tom Ewell stars in this half-hour sitcom as Tom Porter, a real estate agent whose entire life, away from the office, was dominated by females:
Wife Fran (played by Marilyn Erskine), Live-in mother-in-law, Grandma Irene Brady (Mabel Albertson), three daughters and the family dog.
Recurring characters included Norman Fell as co-worker Howie Fletcher, heavy-set actor Barry Kelley as friend Jim Rafferty, and child-actor Vance Meadows as a neighborhood youngster.

The Tom Ewell Show was created by Madelyn Martin and Bob Carroll, Jr. (of The Lucy Show fame), and produced by Tom Ewell's own production company (in partnership with Martin and Carroll, and with Four Star Productions). Broadcast schedule: The thirty episodes of the show were broadcast 9–9:30 PM (EST) on Tuesday nights in the United States from September 27, 1960 through May 23, 1961 on the CBS network. Eight of the episodes were shown as summer repeats in the same timeslot from May 30, 1961 through July 18, 1961.

TIME magazine said: "The Tom Ewell Show (CBS) leads a relentless parade of situation comedies, all designed to show that American family life is as cute as a freckle on a five-year-old. The show, which might also be titled Father Knows Nothing, presents the comic with the excavated face as a bumbler named Potter who is trapped in the customary format: Harassed Man Beaten Down by Wife, Three Daughters, Mother-in-Law. In the opening episode, Ewell could find no better way to outsmart his spendthrift women than closing his bank account and ruining his own credit. For those who may have tuned out early, the women were all set to start spending again."

You will love this family comedy. The quality is very good and it comes in a 6 DVD-R collection.



Disc 1
Big Brother
A Fellow News a Friend
Storm Over Shangri-La
The Spelling Bee
Passenger Pending

Disc 2
No Fun in the Sun
Mr. Shrewd
The Middle Child
Out of Left Field
Tom Puts the Girls to Work

Disc 3
The Safety Lesson
Mrs. Dynamite
The Friendly Man
Our Vacation

Disc 4
Mr. Memory
Never Do Business With Relatives
Debbie Takes Up the Tuba
Tom Takes Over
The Second Phone

Disc 5
The Chutney Caper
The Trouble With Mother
I Don’t See It
Put It On, Take It Off
Advice to the Lovelorn

Disc 6
Salesmanship Lesson
Try It On For Size
The Handwriting on the Wall
Site Unseen

The Tom Ewell Show on DVD
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