No question about it, those Saturday Matinee champions were the greatest.  Every week we came back for more action as our favorite action heroes always managed to solve the world’s greatest problems in just 15 chapters or less.   Where are those super stars now when we need them? Don’t miss this line up.   None of these have ever been offered on sale before and they are all bound to keep you guessing till the very last chapter. This is indeed super fun for one and all.  Reg. $14.95 each now just $8.95 each or take all 5 for just $34.95 … add $5.95 for postage

RIDING WITH BUFFALO BILL - 15 CHAPTERS starring Marshall Reed -  Indian scout Buffalo Bill Cody who comes to the aid of miner Rocky Ford  when outlaws attack his ranch. The man behind the local terrorism is King Carney who is trying to keep the new railroad out of the territory in order to carry on with his illegal operations. Cody dons the disguise of a legendary masked man, known as “The Riding Terror”.

THE LONE DEFENDER - 12 chapters starring RIN TIN TIN - A prospector is murdered by The Cactus Kid and his gang, who hope to find the murdered man's goldmine. The miner's dog recognizes the killers, who try to use the dog to locate the lost mine. With the help of a government agent Rinty saves the mine and brings the bad guys to justice.

TEX GRANGER, Midnight Rider of the Plains -  Lone shark Rance Carson appoints the bandit Blaze Talbot as town marshal to act as his enforcer and soon the town is in chaos. With fighting between rival gangs, newspaper owner Tex Granger dons a mask to become The Midnight Rider and bring the criminals to justice. 15 chapters

THE ADVENTURES OF FRANK AND JESSIE JAMES - Clayton Moore stars in this 13 chapter action packed adventure from 1948 as Jesse James, famous outlaw turned law abiding good guy. But is isn't easy when you are confronted by an evil bad buy.

THE ADVENTURES OF FRANK MERRIWELL starring Don Briggs - Scholastic sports star Frank Merriwell (Don Briggs) leaves school to search for his missing father. His adventures involve a mysterious inscription on a ring and buried treasure. 12 chapters

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