TV’S FUNNIEST GAME SHOW MOMENTS hosted by Willliam Shatner

This hilarious show from May 10, 1984 starred William Shatner as host as game show personalities recalled contestants &  bloopers as well as other funny moments from their television shows. Those personalities included Bob Barker, Bill Cullen, Richard Dawson,  Bert Convey and game show creator Mark Goodson.  You will see clips of some of the greatest Hollywood stars of the past as they appeared on these game shows and howl with laughter at some of the craziest, totally unplanned moments that occurred over a 30 year span of one of televisions most popular staples - the great game shows.  A must for anyone who loves game shows or just enjoy a good laugh. 

THOSE WONDERFUL GAME SHOWS - hosted by Carl Reiner

In 1985 host Carl Reiner takes a nostalgic look at the games played on TV---out of some 600 that have aired in the last 35 years. Guests include "Truth or Consequences" creator Ralph Edwards; Monty Hall ("Let's Make a Deal"); George Fenneman ("You Bet Your Life").  Also on hand were Don Pardo, Betty White and Rod Roddy as they took a nostalgic look at some of the greatest game shows in television history.  In this hour long special you will relive some of the greatest moments in shows that make up an important part of our TV past.   For decades game shows were a staple in daytime television.   Join Carl Reiner for a few laugh and loads of great memories.

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