TRACKDOWN starring Robert Culp

The series stars Robert Culp as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman, a gunslinger hunting down criminals throughout West Texas and the Old West. Culp's character was based in the real life town of Porter, Texas, an unincorporated community near Houston, where he served as the de facto sheriff. Occasionally, his duties as a Texas Ranger took him out of town. He uses his fast gun to apprehend wanted criminals throughout the Lone Star State.

His friends included Henrietta Porter, portrayed by Ellen Corby, later a regular on The Waltons. She is a widow of the town's founder and owns The Porter Enterprise, the local newspaper. Peter Leeds plays Tenner Smith, the owner of the local saloon and a former gambler and gunslinger whose past was shrouded in mystery. Other series regulars included Norman Leavitt (as Ralph, Gilman's deputy), James Griffith, and Gail Kobe. This collection includes 25 episodes. Quality is 7.5 - 9, but most would fall in the 8.5 quality range. This updated set now comes with interactive menus for episode selection.

Man and Money
The Town
The Reward
The Farrand Story
Right of Way
The Witness
Toll Road
The Judge
The Boy
The End of the World
The Brothers
The Governor
Killer Takes All
The Outlaws Wife
The Set Up
Benny French
A Matter of Justice
Tenner Smith
A Day of Vengeance
Every Man a Witness
The Kid
The Avenger
The School Teacher
Deadly Decoy

TRACKDOWN starring Robert Culp
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