This series chronicles the adventures--in the air and on the ground--of the men of the 918th Bombardment Group of the U.S. Eighth Air Force. First commanded by irascible General Frank Savage--and later by Colonel Joe Gallagher, the son of a Pentagon General--the Group is stationed in England, and flies long-range bombing missions into German-held Europe. Stars Frank Overton and Paul Burke, this classic TV series is now available on DVD. This fourteen-disc set contains every episode from the second season. DVDs feature interactive menus for episode selection, custom printed disc and album artwork. Nicely packaged for gift giving.  EXCELLENT QUALITY with only two episodes on each disc to maintain the high quality of the series. Very nicely packaged for gift giving.


The Loneliest Place in the World

R/X For a Sick Bird

Then Came the Mighty Hunter

The Idolater

Big Brother

The Hotshot

Show Me a Hero, I’ll Show You a Bum

Runaway in the Dark

I am the Enemy

Grant Me No Favor

Storm At Twilight

We’re Not Coming Back

The Jones Boys

Between The Lines

Target 802

Falling Star

The Slaughter Pen


Which Way the Wind Blows

The Outsider

Back to the Drawing Board

Twenty-Fifth Mission

The Survivor

Angel Babe


The Hollow Man

Cross-Hairs on Death

Day of Reckoning

Siren Voices

Twelve O'Clock High Season Two
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