The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot - COMPLETE SERIES

All thirty episodes of the action-packed 1950s television series about the most famous and dashing of King Arthur's knights. Lancelot is first challenged to a rigorous set of tests to prove he is worthy of the Round Table, and then serves Arthur in several campaigns against pirates and renegade princes, always proving his steadfast courage and loyalty. Episodes are: 'The Knight With the Red Plume'; 'Ferocious Fathers'; 'The Queen's Knight'; 'The Outcast'; 'Winged Victory'; 'Sir Bliant'; 'The Pirates'; 'The Magic Sword'; 'Lancelot's Banishment'; 'Roman Wall'; 'Caledon'; 'Theft of Excalibur'; 'The Black Castle'; 'Shepherd's War'; 'The Magic Book'; 'The Ruby of Radnor'; 'The Lesser Breed'; 'Witches' Brew'; 'Sir Crustabread'; 'Maid of Somerset'; 'Knight Errant'; 'Double Identity'; 'The Lady Lilith'; 'The Bridge'; 'The Ugly Duckling'; 'Knights' Choice'; 'The Missing Princess'; 'The Mortaise Fair'; 'The Thieves' and 'The Prince of Limerick'.

The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot - COMPLETE SERIES
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