The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot - COMPLETE SERIES

JUST UPGRADED - EXCELLENT QUALITY!! Includes rare color  episodes.

The British television series The Adventures of Sir Lancelot brings the legend of King Arthur and his Round Table to life in these lavish and detailed television productions by the renowned ITV network. Many of Britain’s finest actors of the time took part in the series. William Russell played Lancelot, both Bruce Seton and Ronald Leigh-Hunt played King Arthur, Guinevere by Jane Hylton and Merlin the Sorcerer by Cyril Smith. The supporting cast was equally strong, too, including a very young Patrick McGoohan cast in a small role. The producers took great care to be historically accurate in re-creating the Arthur legend, using background material researched at Oxford University. To re-create 14th Century Britain, an entire pre-Norman Conquest village, complete with sheep and goats, was constructed at the huge Nettlefold Studio sound stages in Walton-on-Thames. Allington Castle in rural Kent, home to Ancient Britons, Romans and Saxons, was used for location shooting, lending grand visuals to the re-created court of King Arthur.

The complete Adventures of Sir Lancelot, all thirty episodes in this 4-DVD boxed set.


Disc 1

The Knight With the Red Plume

Ferocious Fathers

The Queen's Knight

The Outcast

Winged Victory

Sir Bliant

The Pirates


Disc 2

The Magic Sword

Lancelot's Banishment

Roman Wall


Theft of Excalibur

The Black Castle

Sheperd's War


Disc 3

The Magic Book

The Ruby of Radnor (Color)

The Lesser Breed (Color)

Witches' Brew (Color)

Sir Crustabread (Color)

Maid of Somerset (Color)

Knight Errant

Double Identity (Color)


Disc 4

The Lady Lilith (Color)

The Bridge (Color)

The Ugly Duckling (Color)

Kinghts Choice (Color)

The Missing Princess (Color)

The Mortaise Fair (Color)

The Theives (Color)

The Prince of Limerick (Color)

The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot - COMPLETE SERIES
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