UNDERSEA KINGDOM starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan

UNDERSEA KINGDOM starring Ray ?CRASH? Corrigan

When mysterious man-made earthquakes threaten the world, naval lieutenant Ray "Crash" Corrigan leads an expedition to the ocean floor in a rocket-propelled submarine and discovers the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. Soon the explorers find themselves caught between two warring factions led by the peace-loving Sharad, and the evil warlord Unga Khan, whose diabolical plans include conquering the surface world. Crash's super-human athletic abilities and the genius of Professor Norton (C. Montague Shaw), inventor of the rocket-sub, make them targets in an action-packed battle for survival against ray guns, tanks and robots in this exciting cliffhanger from the Golden Age of serials.

UNDERSEA KINGDOM is one of the most enduring and endearing of science fiction serials from the 1930s. Although frequently compared to THE PHANTOM EMPIRE, (it employs many of the same sets and props, and story elements), dazzling stunt work and trick photography by Republic's top-notch special effects team, Howard and Theodore Lydecker, make UNDERSEA KINGDOM look much slicker and flow more smoothly.

UNDERSEA KINGDOM starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan
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