U.S. Marshal – Sheriff of Cochise Collection

U.S. Marshal – Sheriff of Cochise – This series began as Sheriff of Cochise and ended as U.S. Marshal. Sheriff of Cochise was a contemporary police drama set in Cochise County, Arizona with story lines and plots similiar to the Highway Patrol with lots of fist fights and car chases. Tough Sheriff Frank Morgan (John Broomfield) was eventually promoted to U.S. Marshal and given the entire state of Arizona under his authority. The series title subsequently change to U.S. Marshal and remained in syndication until 1960.

Starring: John Broomfield – 24 Episodes – 6 DVD Set – Digitally Remastered.


Disc One – The Red-Headed Visitor, The Lynching Party, Bank Robbery, The Relatives; Disc Two – Approach With Caution, The Deputy’s Wife, Market Holdups, The Rodeo Star; Disc Three – Deep Fraud, Shoot to Kill, Cry Wolf, The Threat; Disc Four – Toy Bull, The Diner, Rest in Peace, Pursuit; Disc Five – The Man Who Lived Twice, Kill or Be Killed, Ghost Town, Backfire; Disc Six – Murder My Darling, The Stool Pigeon, Triple Cross, Federal Agent.

U.S. Marshal Sheriff of Cochise Collection
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