What's My Line? was one of network television's longest running and most beloved prime time game shows with a broadcast run of seventeen and one-half years. The game consisted of four panelists trying to guess the occupation of a guest contestant. The show was hosted by newsman John Daly and regular panel members were Dorothy Kilgallen (A gossip writer), Arlene Francis (an actress) and Bennett Cerf (a book publisher).

As the questioning rotated, a panel member asked questions and the guest would answer either "yes" or "no." A contestant received $5 for each "no" answer. Ten "no" answers ended the game in favor of the contestant. A mystery guest segment was also included in which the panelists were blindfolded. In this 40 episode set you will see some of the biggest names in show business . This set probably offers the opportunity to see these great stars when they were not performing but just having great fun.

The mystery guests were paid $500 as an appearance fee whether they won or lost the game. This was in addition to the maximum $50 game winnings. Guest panelists were paid $750 as an appearance fee. The regular panelists were under contract and were paid "much more". The quality is excellent for this old TV series.


Disc #1

Vic Damone

Pier Angeli

Arthur Murray

Robert Q. Lewis

Paul Winchell

Bob Hope

Sugar Ray Robinson

Margaret Truman

Jack E. Leonard

Ted Lewis

Newspaperman Clifton

Vivian Blaine

James Mason

Roger Price

Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago

Carol Morris Miss Universe 1956

Walter Cronkite,

Douglas Edwards

Erik Severeid

Disc #2

Sylvana Managno

Robert Q. Lewis

Walter Pidgeon

Henry Kaiser

Julie London

Caesar Romero,

Ernie Kovacs

Marisa Pavan

James C. Petrillo President Of The Musician?s Union

Ernie Kovacs

Edie Adams

Tony Randall

William Bendix

Jacques Cousteau

Phil Rizzuto

William Holden

The June Taylor Dancers

James Mason

George Stevens

Claudette Colbert

Sal Maglie

Ann Miller

Disc #3

Jo Stafford

Alan Lerner & Frederick Lowe

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

David Niven,

Charlton Heston

Douglas Fairbanks Jr

TV Critic Jack O?Brian

Beatrice Lillie

John Cameron Swayze,

Walt Disney

Jerry Lewis

James Kilgallen(Dorothy?s Father)

Nanette Fabray

William Bendix

Charles Laughton

Burgess Meredith

Frank Gifford

Milton Berle

Stubby Kaye

film composer Dimitri Tiomkin

Shelley Winters

Disc #4

boxer Floyd Patterson

Vincent Price

Walter Pidgeon

Steve Allen

Jayne Meadows

The Harlem Globetrotters

Bert Lahr

Stubby Kaye

Yul Brynner

Peter Lind Hayes

Robert Montgomery

Peter Lawford

George Gobel

Bob Richards Olympic Pole Vault Champion

Salvador Dali

Lillian Roth

Tab Hunter

Fred MacMurray

June Haver

Disc #5


Sandy Lansy & Friends(Calypso Band)

Robert Wagner

Jeannie Carson

Robert Mitchum

James C. Hagerty White House Press Secretary

Charles Boyer

James Michener

Judy Holliday

Norman Vincent Peale

Robert Preston

Mamie Van Doren

Melvyn Douglas

Hedy Lamarr

Jockey Ted Atkinson

Fernando Lamas

Restaurateur Michael Romanoff

Helen Hayes

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