SET #10
THE LAW COMES TO TEXAS - A hardened cowboy decides to stop studying law and become a Texas state trooper instead. At the governor's request he then impersonates an outlaw to trick a band of bandits - MOJAVE FIREBRAND - a crusty old sourdough finally finds the silver mine of his dreams only to find his mine threatened by vicious outlaws. - IN EARLY ARIZONA "Wild Bill" Elliot is cast as Whit Gordon, who rides into Tombstone Arizona to help keep the peace. Elliot is appointed sheriff, making him the particular target of every fast gun in the territory. Though clearly based on the career of Wyatt Earp film is careful not to violate the copyright on Earp's life story. - LONE STAR PIONEERS - a U.S. marshal impersonates an outlaw and rides to Texas to find the looters who have been raiding supply shipments. He finds them and infiltrates their gang. He soon finds out that the desperadoes have commandeered a ranch and are holding the rancher and his family prisoner while they await the next shipment.

SET #11
THE LONGHORN -  The story involves the efforts by cattle rancher Jim Kirk (Elliot) to cross-breed his Longhorn cattle with Hereford stock, thereby increasing their value. To this end, Kirk heads to Oregon to pick up a prime group of Herefords. Unfortunately, his head cowboy Andy (Myron Healey) is in cahoots with a gang of rustlers who intend to steal Kirk's improved stock. - WACO - a wide-open Texas frontier town, in desperate need of a strong authority figure to clean out the criminal element. The man needed is the man found: Matt Boone, played by Wild Bill Elliot. Though himself a fugitive from justice (he killed a man in self-defense), Boone takes his responsibilities as sheriff very seriously. - KANSAS TERRITORY - Elliot's brother is killed, which naturally prompts him to seek revenge. On his bloody quest for the guilty party, Elliot learns many facts of his brother's life that he'd rather not know. By the time he confronts the killer, Elliot has a pretty clear picture of how rotten his brother truly was. FARGO . After his brother is murdered by crooked cattlemen, Elliot is determined to bring honest business to the plains of North Dakota, and he pioneers the use of barbed wire to fence in his property. The supporting cast includes Phyllis Coates, Jack Ingram, Denver Pyle, and Fuzzy Knight.

SET #12
RETURN OF DANIEL BOONE - Daniel Boone takes on a pair of clever crooks, one of whom serves as mayor of a small prairie town. FRONTIERS OF 49 - Ta crooked real estate firm is merrily selling off Spanish land grants in exchange for exorbitant tax levies. The US government sends Freeman to investigate this activity, accompanied by grizzled frontier scout Kit Carson. THE SHOWDOWN - Shadrach Jones, ex-Texas State Policeman, has a ruthless determination to find and kill the man who shot his brother in the back and stole the money with which he was to buy a ranch for he and Shadrach. WAGON TRACKS WEST -  Wild Bill and his assistant, try to learn why a young med school graduate is being spurned by the members of his own Native American tribe. The heroes learn that the clan's medicine man is a phony in cahoots with a corrupt Indian agent and that these two are working for a wicked rancher who has been polluting the local drinking water with his illegal irrigation project.

SET #13
OVERLAND  MAIL ROBBERY - The plot finds Wild Bill coming to the aid of namby-pamby Easterner Tom Hartley (played by future "Superman" Kirk Alyn), who has inherited his family's stagecoach line. - THE MAVERICK -  Elliot and two other lawmen  are assigned to take three outlaws to prison.  Everyone's safety is threatened when one of the deputies casts his lot with the criminals. - REBEL CITY -  Wild Bill Elliot plays gambler Frank Graham, who heads to Kansas in search of his father's murderer. TOPEKA -  Elliot plays the archetypal Good Bad Man, hired to kick the crooked element out of a small town. A hard-drinking, hard-living man, Elliot entertains thoughts of taking over the town himself for the benefit of his own gang.

SET #14
IN OLD SACREMENTO - .Bill Elliot stars as masked bandit Spanish Jack, who behaves as badly as he wishes with few of the usual redeeming features plaguing most cinema desperadoes. - THE FABULOUS TEXAN - ex-Confederate officer Jim McWade returns to Texas to find his home turf under the jurisdiction of corrupt, despotic carpetbaggers, McWade shoots it out with the authorities after his father is slain. Forced to flee to the mountains with his war buddy John Wesley Barker (John Carroll), McWade vows revenge- MAN FROM THUNDER RIVER - In this western, a cowboy and his pals must stop outlaws from stealing a cache of gold ore. Action ensues, and they succeed. - PIONEERS OF THE FRONTIER - William Elliott as the title character who discovers that his uncle Mort (Lafe McKee) has been murdered by an unscrupulous ranch foreman, Matt Brawley (Dick Curtis). But before he can right Brawley's wrongs, Wild Bill is arrested for a murder he didn't commit.

SET #15
THE LAST BANDIT - Elliot and Forest Tucker play a couple of James-like bandit brothers, Frank and James Plummer. Deciding to go straight, Frank adopts a new name and takes a job as an express guard. James assumes that Frank is merely playing possum, intending to return to banditry when the time is ripe.  - HELLFIRE - . Elliot plays a hard-bitten frontier gambler whose life is saved by a preacher. When the preacher dies as a result, Elliot vows to mend his ways. He becomes a minister himself, planning to finish constructing a church that his predecessor had started. SAVAGE HORDE - Elliot plays a gunslinger named Ringo, who, though no paragon of virtue, is not a murderer. After killing a man in self-defense, Ringo takes it on the lam from the law.
NORTH OF THE ROCKIES - A double treat with Bill Elliot as a Royal Mounted in pursuit of fur smugglers and it looks like usual good guy Tex Ritter is responsible.  - THE DEVILS TRAIL - Cowboy-pic legends Wild Bill Elliot and Tex Ritter team up in The Devil's Trail. Our heroes head to a wide-open town in search of a gang of desperadoes, headed by swarthy Noah Beery Jr. PRARIE GUNSMOKE - To win possession of the ranches he holds mortgages on, crooked banker Jim Kelton has his henchmen  raid the ranches and stampede the cattle herds thereby ensuring the ranchers can't meet their notes. U. S. Marshal Wild Bill Hickok (Bill Elliott) arrives and is immediately distrusted by Tex Terrell (Tex Ritter) because of Hickok's policy of enforcing the letter of the law. VENGEANCE OF THE WEST - last entry in series co-starring Bill Elliott and Tex Ritter. Joaquin Murietta (Bill Elliott)is robbed of his property by Jeff Gorman and town banker Gil Kirby and seeks revenge by disguising himself as a masked bandit, known as The Grey Shadow,and begins to raid gold shipments intended for Gorman and Kirby. Anita Morrell (Adele Mara) arrives in town and is shocked to learn that her father has been murdered. California Ranger Tex Lake (Tex Ritter) investigates and finds clues, planted by Gorman and Kirby,implicating Murietta.

SET #17
RETURN OF WILD BILL - Returning to his home town after a long absence, Wild Bill Saunders (Elliot) discovers that his father has been mortally wounded by a gang of frontier hooligans. Adding intrigue to the proceedings is the fact that Katie Kilgore, one of the film's two leading ladies is the sister of outlaw leader Matt Kilgore. - VIGILANTE TERROR - This time, Elliot comes to rescue an imperiled storekeeper. A band of masked vigilantes is laying waste to the countryside, and the storekeeper is blamed. Wild Bill saves the day by going undercover -- or under hood, as it were. - BITTER CREEK -Elliot arrives in Bitter Creek seeking retribution for the murders of his brothers. He suspects that powerful rancher Carleton Young is responsible, but has no proof. .

ROARING FRONTIERS -  Vowing to avenge the murder of his father, Tex Rawlings (Ritter) confronts the most likely culprit, newly appointed but crooked mayor Hank Hammond. During the ensuing fight, someone kills the sheriff. The most likely suspect , Tex is forced to flee but is soon brought back by the town's new marshal, Wild Bill Hickock (Elliott), who promises a fair trial. - LONE STAR VIGILANTES -  Returning from Civil War duty, Hickok, Tex Martin (Ritter) and Cannonball  find that their Texas home town is under the rule of Colonel Monroe,a bush-league dictator with his own police force. In true Hitlerian fashion, Monroe extorts huge sums of money from the populace, terrorizing them into silence. Our three heroes set about to put an end to Monroe's regime, with time out for Tex Ritter's musical interludes. - BULLETS FOR BANDITS - In a saloon shooting, a cowboy thinks he killed Prince Katey, a man he closely resembles. Cannonball arrives and thinking the cowboy to be Katey, gets him to return to the Katey ranch where the mother is in trouble. She thinks her missing son has returned and even though the Sheriff is chasing him, he decides to take up the mother's fight against the man who is trying to throw her off the ranch.  Again “Wild” Bill is joined by Tex Ritter.

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