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In The Last Bandit, Elliot and Forest Tucker play a couple of James-like bandit brothers, Frank and James Plummer. Deciding to go straight, Frank adopts a new name and takes a job as an express guard. James assumes that Frank is merely playing possum, intending to return to banditry when the time is ripe. But Frank is serious about reforming, setting the stage for an extreme and violent form of sibling rivalry at the climax. Andy Devine eschews his usual comedy relief as the railroad detective who decides to risk hiring Frank, while Adrian Booth offers another of her intelligent leading-lady characterizations.


Western star William Elliot always insisted that his idol was silent-film cowboy William S. Hart. Elliot's Hellfire, then, can be seen as his tribute to the 1916 Bill Hart classic Hell's Hinges. Elliot plays a hard-bitten frontier gambler whose life is saved by a preacher. When the preacher dies as a result, Elliot vows to mend his ways. He becomes a minister himself, planning to finish constructing a church that his predecessor had started. To finance this project, he hopes to collect the reward on female outlaw Marie Windsor. She resists all attempts to bring her to justice, but after a climactic shoot-out with the rest of the criminal element in town, the wounded Windsor repents her sins and agrees to turn herself in.


Elliot plays a gunslinger named Ringo, who, though no paragon of virtue, is not a murderer. After killing a man in self-defense, Ringo takes it on the lam from the law. Hiding out in a remote frontier town, Ringo becomes involved in a range war between land baron Proctor (Grant Withers) and a group of honest ranchers. At the risk of his own capture, Ringo decides to stick around and join the ranchers in their battle against Proctor. Leading lady Adrian Booth plays Livvy Weston, who'd like to fall in love with Ringo but can't reconcile herself with his bad reputation. Featured in the cast are such western "regulars" as Noah Beery, Bob Steele, Roy Barcroft, Earle Hodgins and Hal Taliaferro (aka Wally Wales).

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