About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog. All films sold on this site are to the best of my knowledge in the public domain or not available in any commercial form. If a film is not in the public domain, then it will only be traded. Please do not expect DVD or Commercial level DVDs from this site. Most films are in excellent condition and extremely viewable, but many of these films have not been seen on TV or sold in store for a very long time, if ever. I will always tell the collector if a DVD is not of high quality or the low price of the film will dictate a problem in quality. PLEASE NOTE: We specialize in rare, obscure titles that are not available in store. All of these films were originally produced long before the advent of High Definition TV, therefore they are best viewed on a small screen. HD TVs tend to stretch and skew the picture. We DO NOT refund for quality issues due to the ease of copy. Replacements will be sent for discs damaged in shipment or defective discs.