THE DESILU PLAYHOUSE -Collectors Edition

WESTINGHOUSE DESILU PLAYHOUSE: This collection includes seven extremely rare hour-long shows from the 1950s. Carefully transferred from the best available assets, this is must have for every collector. Desilu Playhouse ran on CBS between 1958 and 1960 on an alternating basis with the Desi-Lucy Comedy Hour. Two of it's shows served as pilot episodes for THE TWILIGHT ZONE and THE UNTOUCHABLES. Westinghouse paid a then-record $12 million to sponsor the show, which resulted in the cancellation of the prestigious anthology series STUDIO ONE, also sponsored by Westinghouse. This collection is produced by Nostalgia Merchant.


Disc 1

The Man in the Funny Hat - Starring Keenan and Ed Wynn
The Desilu Revue - Special Christmas Show

Disc 2

Murder is a Private Affair - Starring Adam West
K.O. Kitty - Starring Lucille Ball and Aldo Ray

Disc 3

Thunder in the Night - Starring Desi Arnaz and Rod Taylor
Time Element - Starring William Bendix

Disc 4

Bernadette - (Premier Show)

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