The Jones Family films is  a series of seventeen 20th Century Fox family
comedies features produced between 1936 and 1940.

Somewhat similar to the mildly comic tone of MGM's Andy Hardy and Columbia Pictures Blondie films, the Joneses started as the Evanses, before the focus shifted and the formula was set. Jed Prouty played Mr. Jones, Spring Byington portrayed Mrs. Jones, veteran actress Florence Roberts was Grandma, Kenneth Howell was Jack, George Ernest was Roger, June Carlson was Lucy and Billy Mahan was Bobby in every film.

This collection includes seven of these lost film classics.

“Back to Nature”  (1936) The Jones family goes to a convention traveling in a trailer. The oldest daughter gets involved with a convict, the oldest son starts a love affair, and the youngest son gets into photography.

“Big Business” (1937)  A small town drugstore owner (Jed Prouty) hopes to strike it rich by investing his savings in an oil well. Comedy.

“Hot Water” (1937) The Jones family is into politics with father running for mayor.

“Love On a Budget” (1938) The Jones family's daughter and her husband try to live on a tight budget while Uncle Charlie plans to increase their income.

“Down on the Farm” (1938) Excitement runs high when a family's farm is chosen as the site for a big cornhusking contest.

“Everybody’s Baby” (1939) The Jones family encounters new theories of childrearing when an author arrives in town to lecture on the topic.

“The Jones Family in Hollywood” (1939) Father goes to an American Legion convention in Hollywood and the family goes along, visiting a studio a causing havoc on the set.

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