JEFF'S COLLIE (LASSIE) Season Two - With Tommy Rettig

Jeff’s Collie (Lassie) Season Two

Season Two continues to follow Lassie’s adventures in a small farming community.  Eleven-year-old Jeff Miller, his mother, and his grandfather are Lassie's companions. This a beautiful collection of 39 episodes as you are returned to those wonderful, simple days of the 1950s. A time when kids played outside all day long with the neighbor kids and animal friends. A time when kids rode bicycles, played marbles, went fishing and many other outdoor activities. This is wholesome family television at it’s best and you will be very pleased with the quality. Although recorded from television several years ago, the quality rating, in my opinion, is at least a 9 - 10.

Broadway star and quiz show panelist Jan Clayton was hired to play farm widow Ellen Miller with George Cleveland playing her father-in-law, George "Gramps" Miller. Child actor Tommy Rettig was hired to portray Ellen’s eleven-year-old son Jeff Miller and Donald Keeler was cast as Jeff's friend, Sylvester "Porky" Brockway. Porky's basset hound Pokey became a recurring animal character through the first several seasons.

This is a 6 DVD-R Set of 39 Episodes.

JEFF'S COLLIE (LASSIE) Season Two - With Tommy Rettig
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