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  • Legal Notice
  • All films sold on this site are to the best of my knowledge in the public domain or not available in any commercial form. If a film is not in the public domain, then it will only be traded. Please do not expect "PERFECT" quality. We no longer offer returns based on "Quality" as none of the sets we sell are "Digital HD Quality". Ask questions about quality before ordering. I give honest answers to all questions. Most films are in excellent condition and extremely viewable, however, they are best viewed on a smaller screen. Many of these films have not been seen on TV or sold in stores for a very long time, if ever. ALL items are not refundable, due to the ease of copying the DVD's with today's technology. However, I do offer replacement products if it is damaged in transit or an exchange for items that you are not happy with. Please make sure that the problem is not a compatibility issue with your player before returning the package to me. I do not issue refunds for compatibility issues.